Ella Fitzgerald

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (1973)

Ella Fitzgerald - Star Collection - Midi MID 34008 (1969/73)

Get Ready/The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game/Yellow Man/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/I Got To Get You Into My Life/I Wonder Why/Ooh Baby Baby/Savoy Truffle/Open Your Window/Knock On Wood
Produced by: Richard Perry

The Ella Fitzgerald Soul set was recorded by the renounded soul producer Richard Perry at the Olympic Sound Studio's during the last week in May of 1969. The album came out as Get Ready (shown) and a single was released, a cover version of the Temptations song also as a 45 on Reprise records in that same year.

Four years later in 1973 a reissue of most of that material plus a bonus track the Hunter Gets Captured By The Game came out, presumably from that same session. This album came out in Canada as 'Ella' with an alternative cover. The Get ready track is a stunning arrangement that I brought as a new release! Other high lights on this album are Cliff Bennet's Got To Get You Into My Life and Smokey Roberson's Ooh Baby Baby.

Today's featured track the Hunter.. was originally done by the Marvelettes but sounds nothing like the Motown version. It has a lovely crossover arrangement; blues guitar fills, flute bridge and superb stings touch by John Cameron & Michael Vickers. Ian Shaw (Brummie collector) tells me the unreleased Blinky version is getting a play somewhere! that version surfaced in 2002. I gave Ella a few radio plays in years gone by but as far as I know it has never had a run on the Northern scene - shame!

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