Steve Mancha Tribute 1945-2011

Tribute (Full interview with music with Bill Randal)

Sadly 2011 has taken Clyde Wilson another great soul singer from us. Known by Northern soul fans as Steve Mancha. Clyde also sang lead with 100 Proof Aged In Soul and The 8th Day. Bill Randle recorded an interview with Clyde but sadly it was damaged by an airport security scanner on his trip back to the UK.

The tape lay on the shelf for a while, but because Bill thought it was too poor he made a special effort to record a decent tribute to him. We managed to put this recording together and include some of the better sound clips and it was then broadcast to the Birmingham area. Today it goes out as a tribute to his memory - we now share it with the world.

Steve Mancha 60's Discography:
The Jaywalkers
Two Friends
100 - Just Too Much To Hope For / Family Reunion - 1959

Laurence Faulkon & The Stars
1202 - I'll Marry You / I Dream - 1962

Laurence Faulkon & The Sounds
000.7 - My Girl And My Friend / Why Should We Hide Our Love - 1962
102 - Did My Baby Call / Whirlpool - 1965
1001 - You're Still In My Heart / She's So Good – 1965
1002 - I Don't Want To Lose You / Need To Be Needed – 1966
1004 - Friday Night / Monday Through Thursday - 1966
1005 - Don't Make Me A Storyteller / I Won't Love And Leave You – 1967
1007 - Just Keep On Loving Me / Sweet Baby Don't Ever Be Untrue – 1967

The Holidays
Golden World
36 - I'll Love You Forever / Makin' Up Time - 1966
Groove City
204 - A Love Like Yours / Hate Yourself In The Morning – 1969
206 - Easy Living / I've Lost You - 1969 (New Holidays)

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