Doris Troy

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (1974)

Doris Troy - Stretchin' Out - People pleo 12 (1974)

Stretchin' out/All I Have Is Written In Your Eyes/Don't Let me Be Lonely Tonight/Jesus Is All The World To Me/Reconsider Our Love/In My Fathers House/Black Star/Way Back Home/Don't Tell Your Mama/Tell Me/Listen To The Music

Produced by: Dandy Livingstone/Doris Troy

I've had this album for some years and had missed this track because the space beteen tracks 2-3 is missing, So having listened to part of track 2 and not liked it I then skipped past it! The album is quite scarce due to it only coming out in the UK. It was Chris Anderton's sales list that drew my attention to it - thanks Chris! Chris was a regular guest on my Breakfast show. He now has his own called "Dab Of Soul" on http://www.thisisthecat.com/ on Mondays 9-11 pm.

I first Met Doris at the Opposite Lock jazz club here in Birmingham in the very early 1970's. She was a larger than life character who enjoyed her food as much as her music. We did an interview with her after her set in the club's restuarant for Radio Nold/BBC at the time. She told us how she had been the cleaning lady at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem during the mid 60's and not thinking much of the talent on Amature Nite she decided should could do better.

Doris Troy - 'Just One Look' by mickeynold

She did quite well and made a demo of Just One Look that she took to Atlantic records. They released her demo and it was an instant hit for her. The next time I saw the lady was when she appeared on a TV documentary about the Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender in the early 1990's. They filmed her in the dressing room and singing Just One Look. Doris sadly died from emphysema at her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, aged 67 in 2004.

I Have a video clip that I have now added also my interviews from the seventees may be put up if interest is shown. I'm getting to the point now where I think why bother (the Blogger text editor is less than useless as well!) - Mickey

1971 Doris Troy interview with Les Ross

1974 Doris Troy interview (Opposite Lock Club)

Doris Troy Discography (re-issues excluded):

2188 - Just One Look/Bossa Nova Blues (1963)
2206 - Tomorrow's Another Day/What'ya Gonna Do About It(1963)
2222 - One More Chance/Please Little Angel (1964)
2269 - Hurry/He Don't Belong To Me (1965)
Cameo 392 - I'll Do Anything (He Wants Me To Do)/Heartaches (1965)
Capitol 2043 - Face Up To The Truth/He's Qualified (1967)
Apple 1820 - Ain't That Cute/Vaya Con Dios (1970)
Apple 1824 - Get Back/Jacob's Ladder (1970)
Phillips 6003 343 Rock Of Ages/Steal Away To Jesus (1971?)
Mojo 2092 011 But I Loved Him/[I'll Do Anything 3rd re-issue!](1971?)
Mojo 2092 062 Baby I Love You/To My Fathers House (1973?)
People Peo112 - Stretchin' Out/Don't Tell Your Mama (1974)
Midland Int. Mb-10806 - Lyin' Eyes/Give God Glory (1976)
Midland Int. Mb-11082 - Can't Hold On / Another Look(1977)
Midsong 11083 - Can't Hold On/Another Look (1977)12"

ATCO 33 159 - APOLLO SATURDAY NITE (VA Live)(1964)
APPLE 3371 - DORIS TROY (1970)
MOJO 2956 001 - THE RAINBOW TESTAMENT (Live)(1971)


  1. Bought this album back in the late 70s (I think) in a second hand shop. Went mad for the title track but nothing else grabbed me at the time. Dug it out a few years ago and discovered "Tell Me" - that's a great track. It's an odd album, all over the map style wise - Soul, Gospel, Reggae all sort of watered down and falling between the various stools... except that playing it again now it's growing on me.

  2. Yes I agree, "Tell Me" is has a 2-Step feel to it. I still haven't heard the Rainbow album yet 41 years on!!! Too much music not enough time! It was the first issue on Mojo I think, quite rare.

  3. I enjoyed "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight." Thanks!
    JR in LA

  4. joanne williams (vocals), jackie jackson (bass), gladstone anderson (vocals), doris payne (vocals), winston wright (keyboards), doris troy (main performer,vocals), mick clarke (guitar), roy davies (synthesizer), radcliffe bryan (guitar), winston grennan (vocals), hux brown (guitar), rosetta hightower (vocals), winston delandro (guitar), ken elliott (synthesizer), phil chen (bass)

  5. Doris Troy's voice is gorgeous, don't let me be lonely tonight would be great with someone like Budos Band bancking up her vocals.
    dj ny


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