Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson - You Left The Fire Burning
Jackie Wilson - You Got Me Walking - Brunswick - BL 754172 (1970)

You Got Me Walking; What A Lovely Day; You Left The Fire Burning; My Way; Try It Again; Forever And A Day; The Girl Turned Me On; Hard To Get Thing Called Love; Love Is Funny That Way; The Fountain
Produced By Carl Davis

This track is half 2-Step & half Modern a hybrid of my favorite grooves! The guitar/piano interplay gives this track it's stand out groove. Then just add the usual Chicago brass and strings and Jackie's killer vocal style and you come up with another winner. This track was produced & written by Jack Daniels and Johnny Moore. Other stand out tracks on this set are; What A Lovely Day, Try It Again, Forever And A Day & Hard To Get Thing Called Love.

The album came out during a dry period of hits for Jackie that really continued until he suffered a stroke on stage at a Dick Clarke show in 1975. The fall to the floor banged his head and put him in a coma for over 8 years. While all the legal arguments ran about where the cash would come for his hospital fees, much needed help, was not given during the early stages of his coma and he never recovered.

He was the only artiste to refuse an interview with us when we approached him at the Lafayette Club in Wolverhampton. I did record the show however on reel to reel.

It's quite weird that his biggest UK hit came after his death, like artists I suppose, 'Reet Petite' was recorded in the late 50's and with the 'r&r' revival of the late 70's got re-issued and went to no.1 (although it did make no.6 in the UK in 1957!). I had a square picture disc of the single made into a clock for many years. Strange how it always filled the floor for me for years before it was re issued but rarely did after!

I was always a BIG Jackie fan. I couldn't understand why every one else wasn't? I played "Nothing But Blues Skies" and "You Showed Me How To Be Happy" at a Soul nite at the Birmingham Holiday Inn in 1973 to an empty dance floor, was this the end of my DJ'ing career? my two best tracks and no response - ooh well I guess now it was just a Birmingham thing!

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