Five Stairsteps and Cubie

Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Stay Close To Me

Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Love's Happening - Curtom CRS 8002 (1968)

Stay Close To Me; Don't Change Your Love; Love's Happening; Little Young Lover; I'm The One Who Love's You; Little Boy Blue; Your Love Has Changed; I Made A Mistake; Baby, Make Me Feel So Good; New Dance Craze

Produced By Curtis Mayfield

This has got to be one of my 'all-time' favourites 'Stay Close To Me' it's Curtis Mayfield at his best. The bubbly bass lines are perfect mixed with that Chicago horn sound so prominent about this time. I think a fugal horn is in there with the section giving them a distinct sound. Right from the drum roll at the intro you know your in for something special. On the Uk 45 it was backed with 'Little Young Lover' that is equally as good and was one of my best 60's 45 buys. The only crimes here is that its only 1 min. 55s. long and was never played on the Northern scene!

Album sleeve Notes:

Into the Garden walked Eddie Thomas (he's the President of Curtom), Curtis Mayfield (he's the producer, and lead singer with the Impressions and V.P. of Curtom), Cecil Holmes (he's the Director of Sales and Promotion for Curtom and Buddah), and they said "Here's the First Family of Soul" and one year later they were nominated Best Rhythm and Blues Group of 1967 by the National Association of Television and Radio Announcers, and here is their third Big Hit album featuring their big hit singles "Don't Change Your Love", "Stay Close To Me" and "Loves Happening". You know the rest of the story, don't you? Sure do! They lived happily ever after.

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