Maurice Long

Maurice Long - I Don't Love You Anymore

Maurice Long - Sanctified - Paramount PAS 6069 (1973)

One Stand Here; Change Is Gonna Come; No Man Is An Island; That Day; I'm Movin' On; A Lover's Question; I've Been Loving To Too Long; Waiting For You Baby; I Don't Love You Anymore; Oh, What A Feelin'; Count Your Blessings

Produced by Robert Mersey

Now this is an album that slipped into obscurity as soon a it came out in 1973. Brian Goucher first played me 'I Don't Love You Anymore' on my radio show in the mid-90's from his Cyclone single and told the listeners that there was also an album on Paramount with this track on it. Well the years went by and I never found a copy of the album.

I do prefer to buy tracks on albums rather than on a single. I've found that the sound quality is more often better on albums, especially 60's tracks. Singles didn't go stereo until the late 60's in the US and the early 70's in the UK. Anyway just recently I was looking on the Internet for a copy of this album and could not find one at a reasonable price and I mentioned it to my Friend Ian Shaw, "you can borrow mine" said Ian!!!

So that brings us to this point in time and the sharing of a nice quality cut from his pristine copy. You can also catch vintage video footage of Brian spinning this track at my other site: http://www.pcrlfm.co.uk/ and other guest DJ on the Basement Soul show over the 90's. The album was arranged and produced by Robert Mersey who had worked on; Aretha Franklin's Columbia tracks, My Fair Lady (in 1963), and later with Barbara Streisand.

The album is a mixture of R&B classics and some songs with gospel feel. 'I Don't Love You Anymore' is written by Warren Sams, as is, 'That Day' & 'Moving On', he went on to write for the group Water & Power on Fanasy in the mid-70's. The photography was provided by Frank Bez. I think the release may have been cancelled because I've only ever seen demo copies as seen here. Long went on to be a backing singer on Sylvester's 1981 album. If anybody knows more about Maurice Long please leave you comments below I'm sure people are interested in what happened to this truly great singer.

Maurice Long Discography:

I Don't Love You Anymore/A Lover's Question - Cyclone 75000 (1969)
A Change Is Gonna Come/No Man Is An Island - Cyclone 75008 (1969)
Sanctified - Paramount PAS 6069 (1973) Promo Album


  1. I would really love to hear the rest of this album. I've already heard "One Stands Here" and need more! :)

  2. I am looking to find Maurice A. Long. I use to know him. Just would like to know how he is during. We meet in the 60's in San bernardino. My name ie Regina Beamon


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