Rick Clarke

Rick Clarke - See You Along The Way (1988)

Rick Clarke - Time Keeps Moving On - Raven RAV LP1 (1988)

Side 1: Time Keeps Moving On, If You Think Your In Love, Grooving On, Better Luck Next Time, Love

Side 2: Got To Get A Hold, See You Along The Way, I Wanted Your Love, Don't Say Goodbye, Perfect Lady
Produced by Rick Clark

Nice British indi soul album from the early 90's. Electronic production by Peter Hinds, guitar Nat Augustine and saxophone & flute by David Baptiste. Backing vocals Julie Roberts & Gina Foster

Rick got lots of Pirate plays but failed to break into the UK charts, I think this is his only album although there are many singles/12's. Raven Records was based at Raven House in Cleveland Way, London E14.

The electronic bass-line was quite new at the time but sounds a little old hat now. His biggest tune in Birmingham was 'See You Along The Way' that came out in 1988 and was also released in the Netherlands. I really want to be with You with Emma (not on the album) is also a nice mellow stepper found on 12".He also takes on Luther Vandross's I Wanted Your Love and gives it a Soul II Soul type UK sound. Perfect Lady is his most remembered track and also a nice stepper. Quite hard to find album only one for sale at the time of print. It's the mellow groove that he'll be remembered for and lots of late 80's sunny days and the words 'haul & pull'.

Rick Clarke Discography:
LR11 love with a stranger/dub with a stranger (1985)
0000 turn the lights down/?

rcaPT 41286 when you gonna /?(with Lisa)
PT 41331 i've been watching/i really wanna be with you (+Emma) (1987)
PT 41332 i've been watching you/i really wanna be with you (x2) 12" (1987)
PT 41497 looking out for you/perfect lady (1987)
PT 41498 looking out for you/perfect lady 12" (1987)
jet star
wa 1 i'll see you along the way/2 mix's (1988)
wa 2 get busy/love (1988)
wat2 get busy/love 12' (1988)
wat3 if you think your in love/i really wanna be with you (1988)
wat4 grooving on/the bass line/mix 2 12"
wa88 i really want to be with you/mix 2 (with Emma)

funky dreads
stand1 stand up/you can depend on me (1993)
full crew
fc004p ride with me/inst (2000)

rav lp1 time keeps moving on (tracks above) (1988)

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