Freddie Hughes

Freddie Hughes - We Gotta Keep on

Freddie Hughes - Send My Baby Back - Wand WDS 664 (1968)

1-Send My Baby Back, Tonight I'm Gonnna See My Baby, We Gotta Keep On, He's No Good, Natural Man

2-I Gotta Keep My Bluff In, Every Night I See Your Lovely Face, Where's My Baby, You're My Everything, What Am I Gonna Do Without Your Sweet Lovin'

Produced & arranged by Lonnie Hewitt (of 'Is it Me' fame)

He's not to be confused with Fred Hughes on Brunswick & Vee Jay. A bootleg compilation recently mixed the two singers up on one cd!

Freddie Hughes born in Berkley California, August 20th, 1943 and was raised on Oakland. He started singing in church. Moved on to in school vocal groups in the mid-50's; The Four Rivers, The Holidays, Five Disciples (Gospel group) ,The Markeets & later Casanova II.

To be honest you can pick any track of the above album and it will blow your socks off. Recorded at Coast Recording in San Fransisco with audio engineer Mel Tanner as were most of the the Wee label singles at this time and with Hughes on Scepter/Wand. Girl vocals on today's featured track was by: The Kisses – Wilet, Harriet and Sandra, Hughes also wrote this song.

Freddie Hughes toured with Cliff Knobles while the album was out and mimed to a few tracks on the Shindig tv show. The producer Lonnie Hewitt had set up the Wee label and also put out his own 'Is It You' track as Hewitt, where he jokes about talking over the brass bits, quite a strange single but a really but a nice stepper. The other nice Wee track I know is It Ain't Nobody's Business by Ernie Marberry one of John Weston's spins from 1998. The Hughes album is very rare and took myself some years to find this copy. (extra info: Colin Dilnot)

Freddie Hughes discography:

early bird (as Casanova 'II' or Two)
49658 we gotta keep on/ I was a fool 'Two' (1965)
49661 love’s philosophy/maybe there right 'II' (1966)

1006 send my baby back/where's my baby (1968)
1007 send my baby back/natural man (1968)
1011 my baby came back/love can't be understood (1969)

1182 Send my baby back/where's my baby (1968)
1192 I gotta keep my bluff in/natural man (1968)
1197 I got to keep my bluff in/he's no good (1968)

1013 take me as I am/inst

janus (with chevelles)
196 I just found out/I've got my own mind (1972)
208 will you be there/

happy fox (with chevelles)
504 will you be there/? (1972)

002 sarah mae/don't leave me (1976)

1110 send my baby back/my baby came back (1989)

Send my baby back - Wand lp (1968)
Soul of freddie hughes - Ifgam cd (1997)
Fred Hughes & His Groups Veltone cd (bootleg+name mix ups) (2000)
I know it's hard but fair - Blues express cd (2008)

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