JP's Force

JP's Force - I'll Do Anything (For Your Love)

JP's Force - Time To Throw Down - Sensational Records DRP 9040 (1990)

Side 1: Things Are Not The Same, I'll Do Anything (For Your Love), Shake What You Got

Side 2: Do You Wanna Dance?, Still In Love, Time To Throw Down

Produced by Joe Phillips

Joe Phillips was the guy who produced the Winstons Color Him Father and on this album has much the same production techniques. It came out first in 1986 and they pressed more copies in 1990 (First pressing is in black & white).

The collectible 12" Time To Throw Down and is popular with Boogie collectors and may crossover to the Modern play one day. But today's spin is the slower more southern type stepper I'll Do Anything (For Your Love).

As far as I can find out this is the groups only material and the album didn't have a cover.

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