Rasputin Stash

I See Your Face

Rasputin' Stash - Same (Gemigo GMS 1000) 1974

Ooh Baby; I See Your Face; The Devil Made Me Do It; Hit It And Pass It; I Can Feel Your Jones; You're So Special; Middle Man; You've Opened My Mind; Givin' Way My Love

Produced by: Rasputin' Stash & Joseph Scott.

Rasputin Stash were from Chicago and on the first album were an eight piece band but in 1974 were; Martin Dumas Jr., Paul N. Coleman, Ernest Frank Donaldson & Bruce Butler and from the look of the rear sleeve endorsed senhiezer headphones, In fact I had a pair about this time as well and was told they were the best, but I found them shit really, like having a clamp on your head.

This was Rasputin' Stash's second album, having one first released on on Atlantic's Cotillion label in 1971 with two singles. When I first discovered this band I thought they were well weird but now found myself liking the less funky tracks like today's tune: I See Your Face written by group members Dumas and Coleman.

The funky number found here is The Devil Made Me Do It and a more Raregroove type tempo is I Can Feel Your Jones. Although the Gemigo label is Curtis Mayfields' he doesn't seam to have any input on this one, although Rich Tufo did the strings. I can't find any Gemigo singles but two came out on Curtom as R-Stash & Stash between 1978-79.

Mr. Cool on the groups first album was later sampled and re-issued on cd single due to it's new found interest along with re-presses of the albums, but soon became deleted again. All members of this line-up apart from Butler became Crystal Winds for one album on Cash Ear in 1982 with some extra members, and also produced by Rich Tufo. Thanks to Dave Allen for extra research and Tony Ray for copy of Crystal Winds's album now on CD. Values: first LP (Cotillion) £30, 2nd LP (Gemigo) £20 and 3rd LP (Cash Ear £40)

Rasputin Stash Discography: (*lp)
  • *Rasputin's Stash Cotillion SD 9046 (1971)
  • Your Love Is Certified/What's On Your Mind Cotillion 44132 ('71)
  • (above also on UK Atlantic 2091 552) ('71)
  • Mr.Cool/Freaks Prayer Cotillion 44137 ('71)
  • *Rasputin' Stash Gemigo GMS 1000 (1974)
  • as R-Stash:Dance With Me/ Gotta Have Your Love Curtom CMS 0127 ('77)
  • as Stash Booty March/Get Down Curtom CMS 0136 ('78)
  • as Crystal Winds First Flight Cash Ear MEGCO 9255 ('82)
  • Later: Various CD's/vinyl re-issues (2000-03) (most deleted already)

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