I Can't Keep Holding Back My Love

Odyssey - I Got The Melody (RCA LP 5028) 1981

I Got The Melody; Roots Suite: Ajomora/Going Back To My Roots/Baba Awe; I Can't Keep Holding Back My Love; Baby That's All I Want; Oh No Not My Baby; Hold On To Love.

Produced by: Steve Tyrell.

The vocal acrobatics at the first bridge in I Can't Keep Holding Back My Love is just wonderful better than brass or strings could have done the same thing. Vocals were arranged by the producer Steve Tyrell and nice guitar introduction is by Bob Mann and the song was written by Leon Ware & Linda Clay.

The hit single from this album was Going Back To My Roots a new look at the song about 4 years after Lamont Dozier did it on himself, on the back of the Alex Haley's Roots Book/mini-tv series (now on DVD by the way.)

When I used to DJ for party's/weddings Odyssey was a very useful tool in my box of records and I thank them for all their fine work.

I'm sure I have this song by someone else it will come to me soon I hope. The group (NOT TO be confused with Mowest's Odyssey, who were thought to be members of the Turtles, some nice tracks as well!) , born in the Virgin Islands but raised in NY, the sisters started as a local stage show in New York around 1968, Lillian, Louise & Carmen Lopez were the Lopez Sisters and received good reviews.
This led to a tour of Europe when Carmen left the group and was replaced with Tony Reynolds. Changing the groups name to Odyssey they signed to RCA and had a first hit with Native New Yorker from the first self titled LP in 1977.

Then Reynolds left the group replaced by Bill McEachern for the groups second LP Hollywood Part Tonight in 1978. In 1980 more success followed with Hang Together, Use It Up And Wear It Out & If Your Looking For A Way Out. Other tracks were less successful Don't Tell Me Tell Her, also recorded by Phyllis Hyman. After a greatest hits no more was heard from them.

Odyssey Discography: (lp's)
  • Odyssey RCA APL1 12204 1977
  • Hollywood Party Tonight RCA AFL1 3031 1978
  • Hang Together RCA AFL1 3526 (1980)
  • I Got The Melody RCA LP 5028 (1981)
  • Happy Together RCA LP 6056 (1982)
  • Greatest Hits RCA LP (1982)
  • Various CD's after 1995-2007

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