Johnnie Taylor

Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)

Johnny Taylor - Wanted One Soul Singer (Stax S 715) 1967

I Got To Love Somebody's Baby; Just The One I've Been Looking For; Watermelon Man; Where Can A Man Go From Here; Toe-Hold; Outside Love; Ain't That Loving You; Blues In The Night; I Had A Dream; Sixteen Tons; Little Bluebird

Produced by: Unknown

This is a great idea for an album concept, need a new singer let's advertise and let the successful applicant make an album 'Wanted One Soul Singer'. Nice touch putting his job application form on the rear of the cover, the social security number is made up though me thinks. Love his alternative language 'soul brogue'.

The stepper today is the first track from the album on side two Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) written by Homer Banks and A Jones.

I've uploaded the job form for you to read, just click image for larger copy. The played out/in demand track is 'Blues In The Night' with a 'Time Is Tight' type guitar rif giving it a nice R&B meets Northern Soul sound. Anther nice collectable and dance track from this album is Just The One I've Been Looking For. The album was re-issued on US CD in the early 90's. Prices range from £50-65 for the album, £150 for French single shown, £120 for French EP & UK single of Just The One.. £35.

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