Karin Jones

Ready, Ready Love

Karin Jones Under The Influence Of Love (Handshake FW 38155) 1982

Under The Influence Of Love*; You Know Me, I Know You**; Here I Go Again***; So Right****; Last Night In My Dreams***; Ready, Ready Love***; If You're In A Hurry**; Ooh! Baby, Don't***

Produced By: Howard King & Ed Moore*, Jim Tyrell**, Eddie Levert & Dennis Williams***, Bruce Hawes****

The song Ready, Ready Love opens with Eddie Levert's voice; "Girl you've got something on you're mind, Tell Me, Talk to me....", Karin Jones replies; "Anytime Anywhere I'm Yours", all the time this fine drop-clap groove, Eddie returns for the bridge/chorus. Arrangements by Dennis Williams an Dun Pearson Jr., Recorded at Sigma Sound/Counterpoint studios New York.

The label only lasted for a short while and some of it's releases are very rare including Trilark and the 12" from this album of Under The Influence of Love (not the Barry White song), both albums though have been re-released in vinyl and cd. As far as I can find out this is the only work Karin Jones did.
The other fine steppers are Last Night In In My Dreams (more Raregroove) and You Know Me, I Know You. How did an album with six producers fail. It was Motown that led the way with multiple producers, making them compete against each other, thus getting winning results, like Berry Gordy once said;" competition breads champions"

The up-tempo Modern track that might have it's day sometime is Here I Go Again. If anybody knows what happened to Karin let me know.

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