Michael Sterling

Michael Sterling Special Limited Edition (New Records N/R 2061) 1991

Is It Still Good To Ya; Holiday; Love Don't Love Nobody; Please Don't Go; Born To Love You; Fade To Black

Produced by : Michael Sterling

Although I've spun you Holiday, a nice little slow stepper the stand-out track is Is It Still Good To Ya, the Ashford & Simpson song & also a hit For Teddy Pendergass. Michael's performance is just second-to-none, I've not heard this song sung, with such emotion before! stunning.

If I have one criticism that is he sound a little young, but 10/10 for effort, like an early Michael Jackson performance. It's also on a Magnum Records 12". His first label was Success Records (1983-87), he also produced Gigolo while there. He rounded-up the eighties with Magnum Records. I found this in 1992 on a trip to Manchester accompanied by local DJ & friend Mr. Merry, he also had a copy posted to him, I think he wanted to see where all my soul dealers were! Holiday is a self penned song that is aimed a girl he knew and he's coming on strong, I wonder weather it worked for him? The album was recorded at CSI Studios in Hollywood. All the tracks a fine ballads with simple eighties type production, copies of this album are long gone.

Discography: (*albums)
  • Desperate/(inst) Success 11026 (1983)
  • *Desperate Success (1983)
  • Oral/(ext) 12" Success 61026 (1984)
  • Night Club 69/Annette Please Success 280 (1985
  • Is It Still Good To Ya/Teddy Bear Magnum 201 (1987)
  • Holiday/Inst Magnum 202 (1987)
  • Holiday/Keep In Touch Roc A Fella DE 1 /Empire (19??)
  • *No Such Animal Magnum MRI 2080 (1987)
  • One More Chance/One More Chance 12" Magnum 1003 (1987)
  • Cheatin' While Wearing My Ring 12" New Records (1987)
  • What Do I Do/One More Day New Records (1990)
  • Trouble/All Night & Always 12" New Records 1017 (1990)
  • *Trouble New Records (1990)
  • *Special Limited Edition New Records 2061 (1991)
  • *Rock The Boat
  • *Love For You're Heart
  • *Trust

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