Light Of The World,

No. 1 Girl

Light Of The World - Check Us Out (EMI EMC 3410) 1982

Famous Faces; I Can't Stop; Don't Run; Check Us Out; Tubbs In The Caribbean; Soho; No. 1 Girl; (Everybody) Move; Easy Things To Say.

Produced by: Nigel Martinez.

No. 1 Girl aka It Feels So Good To Be Home opens with Don Myrick (murded in 1993 in L. A. ) from the Phoenix Horns playing saxophone, I think he was usually found backing Earth Wind & Fire on tour. Also Josie James on percussion and background vocals. Light Of The World and Beggar & Co. the name they used before were always 'givin' it some' on TV appearances, and looked liked they were enjoying every minute. They fall into the Brit Funk category now, but then were classed a Jazz-funk outfit.

Three main members here were Tubbs (Paul Williams,) Gee (Ganiyu Bello) & Nat (Nathaniel Augustin. Although the album was recorded Sound Suite, London it was mixed in Los Angeles at George Massenburg Studios. The other nice tracks on this set are Famous Faces & Don't Run, they fall into the Raregroove stable. I have a loaded a couple of clips of the bands early video footage from www.dailymotion.com/mickeynold in my 80's playlist.

The group were formed in London in 1978. In 1979 they signed to Ensign Records and were directed by DJ/label owner Chris Hill. An earlier member of the band Chris Etienne was killed in an accident, and Tubbs the bass player died while a member of Incognito in 2007. Paul 'Tubbs' Williams was a stunner of a bass player and will be missed.

This is the band in 1980

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