Light Of The World

London Town

Light Of The World -Round Trip (Ensign ENVY 14) 1980

Time; London Town; I Shot The Sheriff; I'm So Happy; More Of Myself; Visualise Yourself (And Your Mind); Painted Lady; Pete's Crusade; I Walk the Streets Alone; Something For Nothing.

Produced by: Augie Johnson

London Town couldn't fail or could it? British soul bands never get the recognition at home they deserve, but that changed in the late 70's early 80's with great little bands like Light Of The World.
Time is a knock-out up-tempo fun loving jazzy little groove and the fine Jazz-funk number More For Myself featuring vocals from Miki Howard. Even Bobby Lyle is featured on I Shot The Sheriff the Bob Marley song. Visualise Yourself is a good Raregroover and I Walk The Streets Alone will make 2-stepper fans, like myself happy! Just about something for everybody, the band at this point were numbering six Peter Hinds & drummer Everton McCalla to name but two.

Vintage video if you prefer

Taking there name from a Kool & The Gang album, they signed to Ensign in 1979 with a self titles album that year. Round trip was the second of three albums, with three minor hits the group split in 1981, Wellington, McKreith & Baptiste became Beggar & Co., while Maunick, Hinds & Williams became Incognito. There was a brief reunion in 1982 for the last album. Hinds went on to be a producer for the Chimes and Light Of The World re-formed in 1990.

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