Archie Bell And The Drells

Don't Let Love Get You Down

Archie Bell & The Drells - Where Will You Go When The Party Is Over (Philly Int. 34323) 1976.

Don't Let Love Get You Down; Where Will You Go When The Party Is Over; Right Here Is Where I Wan't To Be; Dancin' Man; Everybody Have A Good Time; I Swear You're Beautiful; Nothing Comes Easy; I Bet I Can Do That Dance You're Doin'.

Produced by: John Whitehead (1)

Afro's dicky bows and mustache's that's what 1976 was all about. I remember having one of those giant ones in blue just so I could get into night clubs at the time, after passing through the door you took it off, I suppose it showed you weren't too drunk to get in, have you ever tried to do one of those ties up?

Anyway it's a two track album today, but what a tracks Don't Let Love Get You Down, "dad-dah, dad -dah, dad-dah-dah, da daddle-la", what a bass introduction! It was Rufus Thomas that said; "give me a good intro; middle; and an end and I''ll do the rest", and that's quite true of most good records. A great start, something to look forward to in the middle (a sax bridge, strings such things,) and a proper end, you can't fade an orchestra live you know! When played out shouts like; "Fire" ,"Tune" and it would be pulled back and re-started.

If it's not made to be played (by musicians that is) then forget it, ie., mimed is so un-cool don't you think, who do they think they are fooling - non musical people I suppose. The big collectibles on 45 are Where Will You Go When The Party Is Over £40 (uk only single) and Thousand Wonders Spanish EP (the only 45 version) £150. Tighten Up on Ovide is quite rare too.

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