Nancy Wilson

I'm Gonna Let Ya

I'm In Love

Nancy Wilson Music On My Mind (Capitol SMAS-11786) 1978.

I'm Gonna Let Ya; Music On My Mind; I'm A Balloon; Let It Flow; Easy; He Makes Me Feel Good About Myself; I'm In Love; I Really Need Him; Light; Music On My Mind (reprise).

Produced by: Clarence McDonnald.

I'm Gonna Get Ya is Nancy Wilson at her very best, typical big Capitol production techniques are brought in, this is from a golden era in my mind for Capitol albums (1978-81), Charles Veal provides the strings, there is a hundred musicians names listed on the sleeve. The sleeve itself is embossed foil that's impossible to photograph, it's like trying to snap a mirror.

Over the years Nancy has provided ample good music to keep her fans happy. I'm not going to attempt a discography as it would take me a week, but will point out some collectibles. The End Of Our Love uk Capitol £75, us capitol £25 & It's Over uk Capitol £25.

Nancy Wilson was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, February 20, 1937 By age of four, she knew she would eventually become a singer. At the age of 15, while a student at West High School (Columbus, Ohio), she was chosen to represent the school in a talent contest sponsored by local television station WTVN. She won.

The prize was an appearance on a twice-a-week television show, Skyline Melodies, which she ended up hosting. She also worked every club on the east side and north side of Columbus, Ohio, from the age of 15 until when she graduated from West High School, at age 17. Nancy first attracted notice performing the club circuit in nearby Columbus.

Unsure of her future as an entertainer, she entered college to pursue teaching credentials. She spent one year at Ohio's Central State College before dropping out and following her original ambitions. She auditioned and won a spot with Rusty Bryant's Carolyn Club Band in 1956. Thus the start of her 51 year career thus far.

In 2007 she won her third Grammy Award Best Jazz Vocal album of the year. At the Hollywood Bowl, August 29, 2007 Nancy Wilson celebrated her 70th birthday with an all-star event hosted by Arsenio Hall. Ramsey Lewis and his trio performed To Know Her Is To Love Her.


  1. Great song! Could you possibly add "I'm in Love" as well ?

  2. I've added 'Im In Love' for you.

  3. Thanks for that.
    Was curious, as it's sampled in the new Erykah Badu song "Honey".
    Great Wilson tracks here, they sound a bit like her song "Sunshine"


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