Johnny Bristol

Hold On To Love

Johnny Bristol - Free To Be With Me (Hansa HANLP 2) 1981

Take Me Down; Love Has No Longer Got A Hold On Me; Hold On To Love; Till I See You Again; Rosebud; Loving Free; Sweet & Deep; Love Is On Tonight; Share With Me My Dreams; I Can't Stop You.

Produced by: Various

Hold on to Love was produced by Gus Dudgeon and was recorded at Maison Rouge Studio's in London England. Other tracks were recorded in Hollywood. Bristol brings the son of the late great Motown bassist James Jameson Jr., to the session and nice bass vocals by John Perry on this track.

Bill Randal and myself put together a two hour tribute programme to the music of Johnny Bristol in the late 1990's and it was a show I enjoyed working on because he has produced and made some of the finest soul out there. (copies of special available at http://www.pcrlfm.co.uk/)

Other memorable tracks on this album are Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me it a has nice Philly type production with strings and horns arranged by H.B. Barnum, just the odd syndrum! More steppers found with Till I See You Again, Rosebud and Loving And Free and a fine Boogie groover with Sweet And Deep.

Stangers in A Dark Corner is another great track from Johnny's Atlantic Days, self penned and again with James Jameson Jr., on bass, also David Williams on guitar & James Gadson on Drums.
This time though it's recorded at Davlin Studios North Hollywood in 1978, no uk connection this time.

Strangers, In A Dark Corner

Born John William Bristol, 3 February 1939, Morgantown, North Carolina, USA, d. 21 March 2004, Howell, Brighton Township, Michigan, USA. Bristol's career began within the nascent Motown Records circle. He first recorded in 1960 as part of the duo of Johnny And Jackie (Jackie Beavers, whom Bristol met while in the US Air Force).

On Gwen Gordy and Harvey Fuqua's Tri-Phi label, they recorded the original version of Someday We'll Be Together (1961), which was a runaway success for the Supremes in 1969. You can hear his voice on their version given a a vocal coach, but was left on final record. Bristol remained with the company, and over the next 10 years, in a partnership with Harvey Fuqua, forged a successful career as a producer and songwriter with Edwin Starr, David Ruffin, Detroit Spinners, Stevie Wonder and Junior Walker.

Bristol left Motown in 1973, and joined CBS Records as house producer, but despite that, was still unable to persuade them to release his solo album. He eventually achieved this by negotiating an outside contract with MGM Records, and relaunched his performing career with an international smash, Hang On In There Baby (1974). Subsequent releases reinforced its machismo-based approach but lacked the depth and variety that the artist was able to produce for other performers.

Despite a prolific work-rate, Bristol was unable to repeat that early hit, except for a UK Top 40 hit in 1980, duet ting with Ami Stewart on My Guy - My Girl. After making singles for Ariola and Handshake Records in the 80s he briefly recorded for Ian Levine's Motor City label in 1989, issuing two UK singles. The excellent new recording Life And Love surfaced in Japan in the mid-90s. Bristol sadly passed away in March 2004.

Prices: Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me Handshake Records £25.

Johnny Bristol Discography: (* albums)

Johnny & Jackey (Beavers) +

  • +Let's Go To A Movie Baby/Lonely & Blue Anna 1108 ('60)
  • +Hoy Hoy/No One Else But You Anna 1120 ('60)
  • +So Disappointing/Carry Your Own Load Tri-Phi 1002 ('61)
  • +Sometime We'll Be Together/Sho Don't Play Tri-Phi 1005 ('61)
  • +Don't You See My Love/Carry Your Own Load Tri-Phi 1016 ('62)
  • +Baby Dont'cha Worry/Stop What Your Saying Tri-Phi 1019 ('63)
  • Hang On In There /Take Care Of You For Me MGM 2006443 paper 45 ('74)
  • Hang On In There Baby/ Take Care Of You For Me MGM 2006443 ('74)
  • *Hang On In There Baby MGM 2315 303 LP ('74)
  • Memories Don't Leave Like People Do/ It Don't Hurt No More MGM 2006471
  • You And I/ I Don't Hurt No More MGM 14762
  • Hang On In There Baby /Take Care Of You For Me MGM 14715
  • *Feeling The Magic UK MGM 2315 324 LP
  • Leave My World/ All Goodbyes Aren't Gone MGM 14792 ('75)
  • *The Best Of: Uk only Polydor 110 LP ('75)
  • Love Takes Tears/ Go On And Dream MGM 14814 ('75))
  • Do It To My Mind/Love To Have The Chance To Atlantic 3360 ('75)
  • I Sho Like Groovin' With Ya/ You Turned Me On To Love Atlantic 3391 ('76)
  • *Bristol's Creme Atlantic SD 18197 ('76)
  • Waiting On Love/Your So Amazing Atlantic 3421 ('78)
  • Strangers In Dark Corners/When He Comes(you Will Know) Atlantic 3526 ('78)
  • *Strangers Atlantic SD 19184 LP ('78)
  • My Guy My Girl/Now Handshake 5300 (with Ami Stewart) ('80)
  • Love No Longer Has A Hold/ Until I See You Again Handshake 5304 ('80)
  • Love No Longer Has A Hold/Until I See You Again Handshake 12" 4W8 02076 ('80)
  • Love No Longer Has A Hold / Till I See You Again Hansa 102622 ('80)
  • Love No Longer Has A Hold/ Till I See You Again Ariola 567 ('80)
  • Take Me Down/Rosebud Hansa 9 ('81)
  • *Free To Be Me Hansa MANLP 2 (1981)
  • Hold On To Love/Loving And Free Hansa 11 ('82)
  • *You And I/ (6 trk promo lp) Urban urb 1990 ('89)
  • Man Up In The Sky/Inst. Motorcity MOTC 21 ('89)
  • Keep This Thought In Mind/Inst. Motorcity MOTC 47 ('90)
  • Come To Me/x3 Whitchway 12" TWJB2 ('91)
  • So Good Expansions V/A CD ('95)
  • That's The Way Of The World (with daughter Shanna) CD Single ('95)

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