Eighties Ladies

Turned On To You

The Eighties Ladies comprised of: Sylvia Striplin, Susan Beaubian, Marva D. Hicks, Vivian D. Prince and Denie Corbett. Roy Ayers produced and wrote all bar one of the eight tracks on their only album. Sylvia Striplin and Marva Hicks too up solo careers after this release, Sylvia releasing Give Me Your Love and Marva releasing a solo album in 1991.

Striplin was a former member of Aquarium Dream, which worked with Philly legend Norman Connors. She nearly made it too, narrowly missing UK chart success with a cover of Curtis Mayfield’s Give Me Your Love. Not only did Roy Ayers produce some killer solo albums in the late 70's-early 80's, but he ran his own Uno Melodic label that saw him on production duties for various singers/musicians.

The label was a small budget affair and many of the releases are extremely rare, Ethel Beatie's 12" single and Sylvia Striplin's LP being the most desirable.
Eighties Ladies album had pirate radio/soul club success with Turned On To You and you're now looking at £100! for the album, £50 for Turned on 12", & UK issue that came out 4 years later never turns up (Striplin LP shown: £150) .

The Eighties Ladies were pretty much session singers for Roy Ayers and their collective harmonies give the album a rich sound. If you like Boogie there's barely a dull moment on the whole album. Check out Nova Casper's later version on video from 'Solid Soul' show in 1984.

Nova Casper - 'turned onto you'
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Eighties Ladies Discography:

UM 0001 Ladies Of The Eighties/Inst 12'' Uno Melodic 1980
UM 7002 Turned On To You ext/short Uno Melodic 1981
UMD 7000 Ladies Of The Eighties LP Uno Melodic 1980

MOLIF 6 Turned On To You/Sing Me/And I Knew That Love Music Of Life uk 12" 1986

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  1. Great blog, but it was Sisters Love who covered Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love". Sylvia Striplin's version is all original :)


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