Gift Of Dreams

One In All

Gift Of Dreams - Same (Jam Power Records JPLP 002) 1983

Funkincise; Spirit Of The Dancer; Feel It; Love Is All We Need; I Believe In You; By My Side; One In All.

Produced by: Unknown

One In All is a nice eighties stepper with good vocals a production. It was a local pressed album with no album cover at the time. This is one I picked up in Manchester in the day and have played it too death on my show, nice to see some interest in them at last. More recently a CD has come out with a few extra tracks.

The 12" they are also killing for is Better Day that came out 1n 1982. The writers on the best tracks are R. Brownlee and M. Rochelle. Those other tracks are; Feel It (great Crossover) and Love Is All We Need. Spirit Of The Dancer is a good Boogie groove. I don't know anything about the band, If anybody out there knows more please let us know. It seems all there vynal is very collectible; First album 'Mandroid' £50, Second LP £100-160, and Better Day /Speak Your Mind Jam Power 12" £200.

Better Day 12"/ Mandroid Boogie LP
A track I would play on my Modern program was Feel it. Although good on the album i felt the need to remix it and brighten it up graphically then added a tambourine. Have a listen - it was done in 1999 for the Basement Soul Show.

Feel It

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