Cortez (Harris)

Girl I've Been Watchin' You

Cortex - All About Love (TeZru Records CH 006) 1990

Dreamin'; I'm Really In Love With You; I Wanna Do It Good To You; Always; Girl I've Been Watchin You; Just Coolin'; Feel The Need In Me; She Say's That She Loves Me; He Don't Love You

Produced By : Cortez Harris and Ruth Ward 
I first heard this in when a dj friend Carl Ingram came back from a Southport Soul Weekender with a hi-fi video tape of 8 hours of Weekender radio. The stuff on this tape was great but the dj's talked over the tracks. One such tune was Cortez - Girl I've Been Watchin' You and I found a copy in Expansions shop in Manchester, run by Dean Johnson, when it was by the railway station, Dean has a great love of soul/gospel music and enthusiasm that can sell you anything, anyway soon after I found the album and then I sold my 45 as I don't really collect 45's.

Heavy on the synths production, but a great sound was created at Sunrise Studios in Detroit and written by Cortez H, Ruth Ward and Cheryl Ward. The label looks like a mix of Cortez and Ruth's names TezRu, copying Stax with that idea (St ewart and Ax ton). The label had connections with London and an co-exec producer Anthony Taylor at The Heights. At the same time I found 12" copies of other tracks on this album that I also sold on, Just Coolin and Dreamin.
Just Coolin' is another nice 2-Step production and Always is a fine ballad, other high lights on the album are He Don't Love You and I'm Really In Love With You. All in all it's a top notch 90's album. I've tried to find another copy of the album on the net and it looks like they have all dried up, some 12' singles are for sale but not the featured item.

Corte'z - Anytime, Anyware

I remember seeing a 7' copy of Girl I've Been Watchin You left in the radio studio by an outgoing forgetful dj, I wonder if he knows now that only on copy is for sale on the net in Italy at £150!

Anytime, Anyware was from the (Enjoy Your) Fantasy on Rise High Records 1992.

Cortez Harris was a member of the One Way band that evolved out of Al Hudson & Soul Partners in the late 70's -1988, also in the band was Kevin McKord & Alicia Myers who also went on to record their own material.


  1. Hello Mickey, This is Ruth Ward. So nice to come across your site. I had the pleasure of working with Corte'z in the late 80's and early 90's. TezRu Records was a combination of his name and mine : ) Working with Corte'z gave me a deeper appreciation for music... vocals and instrumentation. He played 13 instruments and as you know, had a very beautiful voice. Sadly Corte'z passed away about 10 years ago. He is a singing angel now. Thanks everyone for your support and for keeping his legacy alive. fbaconsult1@hotmail.com Ruth

  2. Good moring Mickey,my name is LaTahSha Rowsey,and my father's name is cortez harris.I've been trying to get in contact with my family,I have brothers and sisters I never met,I know I have an older sister name Lashon and my father and ruth had i believe 3kids,.auston,brittney,and another boy i dont know his name.I know my sister lashon's mother name is Jackie,and I have another sister named Victoria.I'm 34 now with 2 kids and almost married,please help me find my siblings.

  3. LaTahSha my email address is in my comment above yours. You can contact me and I will introduce you to the brothers and sisters you may and may not know. I met my family on my father's side 10 years ago and understand how important it is for you to know about your siblings and Dad. Hope the best for you and your children and look forward to sharing this information with you.


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