The Notations

"Take It Slow"

The track that I've selected: Take It Slow is from the groups first album. The notable Modern track from this album is There I Go. At the time of this recording the group consisted of Clifford Curry, Robert Thomas, Walter Jones (who replaced Jimmy Stroud) and LaSalle Matthews and were managed by Marv Stewart and Emmett Garner (the former Trends singer).

Marv had already brought The Natural Four to Curtom with small success now he was introducing this band to Gemigo (formed in November '73) a Curtom subsidiary in 1974 although the Warner Brothers pressed them in the UK.

They were a Chicago based vocal group, veterans of the the towns vocal-group scene. The group formed in 1965, a brief time with Tad Records brought them the rarest of tracks in 1968 Trying My Best To Find Her/Gonna Get Ready (Tad 205) selling in 2005 on ebay for £305 ($611 USD), but it was not until 1970 before they had signed with Twinight Records they had a hit. The first release was Am I Still Here produced by Syl Johnson and became a national hit in December of that year and as with all the Twinight singles are highly collectible. The following two singles did well in Chicago but not elsewhere. They had a two singles with Cash/CRA Records in 1973 ; What More Can I Say & I Don't Want To Be Late.

Clifford Curry recently on stage

With Gemigo success came straight away with the blinding ballad It Only Hurts For A Little While written by Richard Tufo and Gerald Dickerson in March of 1975 and they had two more hits that year written by Marvin Yancy and Chuck Jackson. By 1977 Jones had left the group and the rest of the group left Curtom over royalties. One single with Mercury Judy Blue Eyes and then the group broke up. The group has reformed in the 90's and Curry is seen onstage above and a new album is available at their website: http://theoriginalnotations.com/

Good luck guys because you deserve another chance.

the new album

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