The Staples - love me Love Me Love Me

"Love Me, Love Me, Love Me

Today's masterpiece is 1976's "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" from The Staples' album Pass It On written and produced by the master Curtis Mayfield and arranged by Rich Tufo. The Staples are of course the famous Gospel outfit the Staple Singers. Yvonne, Mavis, Cleo and Pops all happilly fit into the Chicago groove on this track. The other nice 2-Stepper on this vinyl is "Take This Love Of Mine" Mayfield plays the guitar and me thinks Pops wouldn't have been too keen to give up his lead roll. Tufo is found on keyboards and the strings were provided by Sol Bobrov. The group are all looking dapper on the album sleeve with lots of kissing going on or is it just passing it on. As useual I have a copy of the album on original Warner vinyl if anybody wants to buy it.

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