The Natural Four

"Heaven Right Here On Earth"

During 1975 and 1976 the group came up with four more chart singles, but at most only stayed on the chart for 5-6 weeks. One of these was the now classic "Heaven Right Here On Earth" from the album of the same title, a lovely dry snare drumming groove, early synths and tight vocals with a Stylistics type guitar groove - Love heaven!!!
Modern soul fans will find "Love's So Wonderful" a track not to be ignored any longer. "Baby Come On" and "What's Happening Here" are the other steppers of note. After 1976 it looks like the band broke-up after having little or no recognition, recently the three Curtom albums have been put on CD. If anybody knows more about them please let me know also I have all of the Curtom albums I have for sale.

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