Curtis Mayfield

Cannot Find A Way

Cannot Find A Way is taken from the album Gotta Find A Way Curtom 1974. I had to slow it to -3 to fit the mood. The album was produced by Mayfield and arranged by Rich Tufo. Previous to this album we had songs like; Back To The World; Other Side Of Town; Underground; We Got To Have Peace and Beautiful Brother of Mine all in the the same social political vain, but always sung in such a loving way.

The first time I was in the presence of Curtis it was in a Birmingham club, Barbarella's I remember circa '73, the room was so ram that people were passing out, my pal's girl-friend also fainted was carried out of the room. The other over-whelming memory of that occasion was his bongo player he was wild, so much so I brought myself some bongo's and a tambourine the following day.

The next time I bumped into him in Tower Records, London, signing copies of his new album in the entrance passage, Something To Believe in, I think It was. I wish I had spoke to him, I was too busy looking for import CD's. Soon after he was involved in an awful accident when a lighting scaffold was blown over at an out-door charity gig. He was paralysed and his drummer was killed. This guy had done nothing but good he was soft spoken and unassuming and a believer in God - where is the justice?

Albums (as a solo artiste):

  • Curtis (1970)

  • Roots (1971)

  • Curtis/Live! (1971)

  • Superfly (1972)
  • Rapping (Promo radio show) (1972)

  • Curtis in Chicago (TV Show/with Impessions) (1973)

  • Back to the World (1973)

  • Got to Find a Way (1974)

  • Sweet Exorcist (1974)

  • There's No Place Like America Today (1975)

  • Give, Get, Take and Have (1976)

  • Short Eyes (1977)

  • Never Say You Can't Survive (1977)

  • Do It All Night (1978)

  • Heartbeat (1979)
  • Something To Believe In (1980)

  • Love is the Place (1982)

  • Honesty (1983)

  • We Come in Peace with a Message of Love (1985)
  • Take It to the Streets (1990)

  • New World Order (1997)

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