Dee Dee Warwick

Where Is That Rainbow (album stereo mix)

This is my 'all-time' greatest soul track, Where Is That Rainbow. There you go I've said it. The tightness of the production, Rene Hall by the way, when the fugal horns take over with the strings, the tears arrive every time. I remember playing it vividly on-air listening to it through the small studio speakers and thinking; "can this be effecting others like me" - I hoped so (perhaps it's just me, ooh well).

Then I have to listen a comment like; "the 45 version is better" it's different I'll agree to that, the 45 is a remix and personally I think it looses it's stepper feel. Anyway albums rule; sound quality; sleeves; wall-hanging you name it.

The first time I heard it was a soul-nite at The Canal Tavern, Thorne, about 100 miles east from my home town but we'd gone because Sam Dees was to make a guest P.A. and when the DJ put Dee Dee on I was gob smacked. (incidentally I was that close to Sam Dees he was spitting in my eye as he sang - he was fantastic though) The journey back though, was rough, through 50 miles of thick fog at about 15 mph, a night to remember.

I later found a copy of the Foolish Fool album in glorious stereo, courtesy of a friend and DJ, Dean Johnson in Manchester. Then it turned out to be produced by Ed Townsend, well I searched out all Ed's work and was never disappointed. The whole of this album rocks. It has three 2Steppers and two Northern/Modern dancers (Don't Ever Give Up On Me/When Love Slips Away), one gospel type song and two nice ballads. Whatever the man asks for this LP pay him!

Dee Dee Warwick is, as most know by now Dionne Warwick's sister and sadly has not been so successful, chart wise anyway. Northern collectors search out Worth Every Tear I Cry the 'b' side of Lover's Chant only issued on UK single, was also though on her other US stunning Mercury LP with two titles: I Want To Be With You/I'm Gonna Make you Love Me. The UK 45 has changed hands for up-to £343 ($686 usd).

Sad News: Dee Dee Warwick has now died. She was 63 years old. She died on Saturday 18th. October 2008 the day after Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops died. She was at a nursing home in Essex County, and had been in failing health in recent months. Dionne was with her when she died. In January 2008, Dee Dee is featured in the title song from Dionne's gospel album 'Why We Sing' and continued background vocal chores with her sister, also in February 2008, Dee Dee toured with Dionne's one woman show 'My Music and Me' in Europe. Dee Dee was the niece of gospel singer Cissy Houston and a cousin of Whitney Houston. Dee Dee Warwick was an R&B Foundation Pioneer Awardee, and was also was a two-time Grammy Award nominee. Thanks for the great music and please rest in peace.

Photos; UK Single, Canal Tavern-Thorne, Foolish Fool LP cover & Sam Dees at Thorne.


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