Curtis Mayfield

Just Want To Be With You

Never Say You Can't Survive is one of those album covers that you just can't relate to a title, I suppose it's the handwriting all over the sleeve that messes it up for me. I've always been one for clear labeling. When I buy a new cd the first thing I do is re-type the track listing so i can read it easily. A dim-lit radio studio has always given me this challenge.

Some shows I've done using just the light from the mixer desk Vu meters. On two occasions when going live! (turning mic on) I remember the light bulb blowing (on a 2am shift) and then another occasion a pigeon flying in while tring to read someones bio! But once you put the headphones on you're lost in the groove...and then someone goes and phone's you up... ooh well!

Anyway the groove in question today is Just Want To Be With You from the above 1977 album. Curtis on lead guitar, Rich Tufo: Keyboards/aranger, Joseph Scott: Bass, Kitty and the Haywoods on background vocals. As usual strings: Sol Bobrov, Henry Gibson: Congas/Bongos. The other nice groove found on this set is I'm Gonna Win Your Love, the album also contains his version of Sparkle, nothing like Aretha's or Irene Cara, there's also nice ballad called Show Me Love.

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