Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price - What Did You Do With My Love - LPG 111 (1976)

Today's 2-Stepper is What Did you Do With My Love, it was the last of Lloyd Price's run of chart singles reaching only No. 99 on the R&B charts of 1976. The run had started in 1952 with his first No.1 with Lawdy Miss Clawdy (the name now belongs to his web site), but in the 50's alone he released 30 singles on various labels

Born in 1933 he spent most of his time in Memphis, he is known as Mr. Personality after his 2nd no.1 hit eight years later in 1959. He had been drafted in Korea during those years. In 1962 he formed the Double L label with Harold Logan who was later murdered in 1969.He had earlier worked with him and Bill Boskent at KRC records. Price then founded the Turntable label and opened a club in NY with the same name.

Price was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 & on his 77th birthday in 2010 he was also inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. What Did You Do With My Love was found on his 1976 album 'Music....Music' that also contains a little Modern Soul gem You Brought It On Yourself, thanks to Dave Allen for putting me on to that one!
Price currently manages Icon Food Brands, which makes a line of primarily Southern-style foods, including Lawdy Miss Clawdy food products, ranging from canned greens to sweet potato cookies, and a line of Lloyd Price foods, such as Lloyd Price's Soulful 'n' Smooth Grits and Lloyd Price's Energy-2-Eat Bar (with the brand slogan "Good taste ... Great Personality"), plus Lawdy Miss Clawdy clothing and collectibles.

Lloyd Price Avenue in Kenner, Louisiana, was named for the singer and the city celebrates an annual Lloyd Price Day.

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