Step By Step

Step By Step - I Always Wanted To Be In The Band - Brunswick BL 754211 (1976)

Cash Money, So Very Near You, I'm Glad, Don't Leave Me, We Won This Time, Cool Days Are Out Of Style, I Always Wanted To Be In The Band, People, I Am A Lonely Man, I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go

I Always Wanted To Be In The Band

Spanish 45
The first time I heard this played I thought It was Johnny 'Guitar' Watson singing! but no.... I found the LP some years back at Adey Pearces shop I think it was in Gloucester Docks. It's very up-tempo and really not fitting into the 'so called' pocket of the Northern/Modern fraternity! Still I brought the album 'cus it was good. I later found that if I played; 'So Very Near You' at -4 b.p.m, Cool Days are Out Of Style at -4 and I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go at the giant -6 that would fit the bill, albeit the vocals sounded more mature if you know what I mean and I got away with it (I think.)

Anyway we can play them at now the proper speed, as the album has 'taken of' because of it's 'up-beat' funky style. In some areas of the Northern scene they're experimenting with this style as I speak. A track that's popular now is the album title song, I Always Wanted To Be In The Band, it also came out in Spain on a 7' 45!!

The album was recorded in Chicago at Brunswick and produced by Willy Bridges & Benny Clark. Step By Step were straight from the Brewery State, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Because of the incentive pressed upon them by Mr. & Mrs. Gee and Mr. McDaniel they gave 100% of their talents while performing. The title song describes their ambition and willingness to battle any obstacles that they may come across in playing their music. Any degree of compliments to their singing and musical ability can only be an understatement. A photo of the young Johnny Gee is shown with Jackie Wilson, Brunswick's main money maker.

Groups 2nd single 1975
The 12 piece band consisted of Jerome Gee (vocals), Dewitt Gee (Bass), Ronald Purfoy (guitar), Raymond Jones (guitar), Chester Lebron (trum), Jeffrey McClendon (a-sax), Michael Brown (Drums), Deleayne Henderson (drums), Greg McDonald (bass + voc), Greg Emerson (bass + voc) and Johnny Gee (bass + voc.)

Little Johnny Gee had recorded some singles from the age of 12 and still has albums out now. The Step By Step reissue album came out in Japan on CD in 2004. Some reviews on Amazon say the sound is not very good on the CD. Values: The early single 'She's Gone' sold for $450 in 2005. LP goes for £100-£120 on eBay in 2010 & 2 copies for sale in France at time of press £145-£245. My vinyl copy I think will soon be just a memory!

Step By Step discography:

Lil' Johnny Gee - My Love/Salt N Pepper - Cuca (1972)
Step By Step - Time After Time/She's Gone - Cuga J5-5060 (1975)
Johnny Gee - Carpet Bag - BIl-Lou 1010 (19??)
Johnny Gee - Yes I'm Lovin' You Emit 303 (?)

I Always Wanted To Be In The Band - Brunswick BL 754211(1976)LP
I Always Wanted To Be In The Band - Brunswick(Jap reissue) 2004
I Always Wanted To Be In The Band/Cash Money - Safiro 45 (Spain '76?)
Johnny Gee - Born To Love CD (2008)

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