Sam Dees

Lonely ('Lonely For You Baby' remake)

Sam Dees - Secret Admirer - Pen Pad PP 1002 (1989)

Side A - Lonely; Secret Admirer; All The World To Me; True Believers; Say It's Just A Rumour

Side B - Expert; After All; Heart; Turn The Love Lamp Up Higher; Thank God For Jesus & Grace; Love Triangle; Danger Everywhere
Produced By: Sam Dees

The old saying "it it ain't broke don't fix it" will apply here for many listeners. The first thing you notice about Lonely is the magnificent bass player on the 1969 original is not in attendance. When all the aggression inside against a new version wares-off, it ain't bad at all. I Don't like the saxophone introduction, so I left that off, but I must say it's a bit of a grower. New melodies and bridge changes have been included and it now had a fresh sound for the 80's. My version of the album doesn't have a sleeve and I not sure whether it had one later. In 1990 Secret Admirer came out on cd but with a different track listing that did not include Lonely!

Other medium tempo tracks include; All The World To Me, Say It's Just A Rumour, the rest of the album is mainly ballads. Guest artists are included; Harmonics, Person To Person & Freddie Jones. All tracks are written by Dees and the Pen Pal label was based at Compton, California. After All was released as a single in the UK on RCA records. The Voices From The Shaddows magazine cover refers to Sam's other Pen Pal album The Homecoming. The glossy uk mag was run by Rod Dearlove with a little help from 80's snooker champion Steve "Interesting" Davis who is a big soul music fan.

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