Sam Dees

Good Guys
Sam Dees - The Show Must Go On - Atlantic SD 18134 (1975)

Side A - Child Of The Streets; The Show Must Go On; Come Back Strong; Just Out Of My Reach; Claim Jumpin'

Side B - Troubled Child; What's It Gonna Be; Worn Out Broken Heart; Good Guys; So Tied Up

Produced by: Sam Dees

The guy's is most famous for being the writer of Larry Grayam's hit single 'One In A Million' on the mid 1980's, but he has been there behind the scene over the years writing good southern soul type songs, hits for ZZ Hill, Clarence Carter, & The Persuaders.

He worked with Bill Brandon on his Prelude album also featured in a previous Blog. Dees said in an 80's Voices interview that; "I wanted the tracks Signed Miss Heroin (a 7' single) and Heritage Of A Black Man included on the Atlantic album and there were other songs on that 16 track master that Atlantic holds". (apparently later seized my the FBI after a tax raid!) The track Signed Miss Heroin he took from a Birmingham (Alabama) newspaper headline and turned it into a song. He said drugs were taking over then just like now.

The track What's It Gonna Be is also a nice modern soul plodder, other great moments include ballads; So Tied Up and Worn Out Broken Heart. The track featured today was recorded at the Sound Of Birmingham Studios, Alabama. Glen Woods Guitar, David Caman Bass, Shermon Carson: drums.

Collectables: He has so many sort after 7's but Lonely For You Baby (recorded in Nashville) will Always Be The Biggest (£400-£500) and aways a big Northern floor filler, Fragile Handle With Care [Atlantic] (£60-80) is also selling well at the moment. Lonely for You Baby was pressed as a single for a recent Vampisoul boxset, and has sold for £25.

I've also included a rare chance to see a UK live TV performance by Sam in the early 90's. I recently had an email from Jimmy Ginn, the owner of Sam's US catalogue, he hadn't seen this footage before either, he said to say hello to Rod Dearlove & Ady Croasdall for me - done! I've included a link to his website below ginnmusicgroup.com.

Great news - Just had an email from Shotgun Records and they are about to put out the unreleased Fool Of The Year/Train To Tampa in August or September. The owner of the new label Paul Mooney also ran Ardent, Sam's other UK label in 1990's. Listen to clips plus other label tracks: http://www.myspace.com/selectarecords

Sam dees - one in a million
Uploaded by mickeynold

www.ginnmusicgroup.com Jimmy Ginn's website, Sam Dees USA catalogue

Sam Dees Discography:
SSS Int.Lonely For You Baby/I Need You Girl 732 (1968)
Lo LoIf It's All Wrong It's All Right/Don't Keep me Hanging On L 2103 (1969)
Easier To Say Than Do/Soul Sister L 2306 (1970)
Can You Be A One Man Woman/Put You Back In Your Place 2109 (1971)
Love Starvation/ Maryanna 2122 (1972)

Funny (Unreleased Acetate, owned by DJ Sean Hampsey UK)
I'm So Very Glad/Claim Jumping CT 010 (1972)
AtlanticI'm So Very Glad/Just Out Of My Reach 2937 (1973)
Signed Miss Heroin/So Tied Up 2991A (1973)
Worn Out Broken Heart/Come Back Strong 3205 (1975)

The Show Must go On/Child Of The Streets 3243 (1975)
Fragile, Handle With Care/Save The Love At Any Cost 328 (1975)
Big Tree
(with Bettye Swann)
Just To Be Sure/Story Book Children BT 16054 (1975)

New London Int.
In My World/Ext version 1003 (1977)
PolydorSay Yeah/My World PD 14455 (1978)
Pen padI'll Be Loving You/Just Wait Till I Get You Home 1000 (T) (1988)

After All/Always Something (Inst) 1001 (T) 12 (1989)

UK Singles
Major MinorIf It's All Wrong/Don't Keep Me Hanging On MM 655 (1969)
Fragile.../Save The Love At Any Cost K 10676 (1975)
Storybook Children/Just Be Sure (With Bettye Swann) K 10719 (1975)
Move Survive/Fly Angel Fly (12") M SS 11 (1986)
RCAAfter All/True Believer/Always Something PB 43139/43140 (12") /cd single
ArdentGet The Message Out (Burning Hope mx)/Say It's Only A Rumour/Theme from After all ADS 9012 12' (1992)

Walking On The Edge/Inst/Accapella ADS 9014 12' (1993)
Soul City
Lonely For You Baby/I Need You Baby 137 (2000 ish)

Vampi Soul (Spain)
Lonely For you/[other artist - with box set/has SSS int. label]AlbumsAtlantic
The Show Must Go On SD 18134 (1975)
Pen Pad
Secret Admirer PP 1002 (1989)
Secret Admirer (alt. tracks) PP 1005 CD (1990)
The Homecomings (6 track) PP 1007 (1991)
Gospel Tribute Album PP 2000 (1997)
Lovers Do PP 2001 CD (1998)
P-vine (Japan)
Cry To Me PCD 2855 CD (1994)
Ace/Kent (UK)
Second To None CDKEND 125 (1995)
Heritage Of A Black Man CDKEND 161 (1998)
After All
Sam Dees (1997)

Thanks: Dave Allen for dates & some titles & Paul Mooney for corrections.

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