Walter Jackson

It's All Over

Walter Jackson - It's All Over Okeh OKM 12107 (1965)

Side A - It's All Over; A Blossom Fell; That's What Mama Say; It Will Be The Last Time; Opportunity; I Don't Want To Suffer
Side B - There Goes That Sound Again; What Would You Do; Lee Cross; Then Only Then; This Funny World Of Mine; Funny (Not Much)
Produced By: Carl Davis & Curtis Mayfield

If this is the first you've listened to this long well you're in for a REAL TREAT! and for his first album the rest is not at all bad. It's got two Curtis Mayfield songs; It's Over & a reply to the Jan Bradley hit song That's What Mama Said/Say. It's the 'It's All Over Now' that's the masterpiece, it's about as big-a-beat-ballad as your gonna find. Heavy strings and a plodding along production at a slow heart beat make this just as cool as it gets for 1965. This was the first Walter Jackson track that I ever heard and I must say I've never looked back. Listeners to my radio show will know that this song was hammered. PCRL's Lady Cherry at the time I also remember playing Jackson's Chi-Sound stuff.

The song was also re-recorded by Chi-Sound records some years later and still sounded nice in the 70's. The album art is by Saul Lambert who was also used on his next album cover with his crutches (see previous blog). Black artists were rarely put on the covers up until late 60's (in case it put off the White market!) doing a drawing was the next best thing, even Black owned labels would shy away from this.

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