Future Flight


Future Flight - Same - Capitol 12145-1 (1981)

Hip-Notic Lady; Walk Don't run; 24 Hour Service; You Should Have Been There; Don't Pull The Plug; Red Light Row; Let Me Love You Where It Hurts; Foolish Things; Dues; Nite People Prelude/Night People
Produced by: Lamont Dozier

Who said the 80's was all electronic, well the staff a Capitol records were still being put to good use in 1981 courtesy of Lamont Dozier. For those that don't know the he was part of the 'hit team' Holland/Dozier/Holland with Motown in the mid-to-late 60's, producing 10 number ones for the Supremes and a fair few for the Four Tops.

Future Flight was: Sy Jeffries (lead vocals/drums), David Swanson (lead vocals/keyboards), Brynwood Tanner (guitars) and Anthony Patler (all). When I mentioned electronic above I should point out that the strings are synths here but well programmed to sound natural.

Most tracks Dozier had a hand in writing and the tune I picked today he wrote ALL himself, Hip-Notic Lady, I love the line "Shooting Stars a'flyin' " and the flute wisps by - all proof that the musicians and singers were together in the studio collaborating with each one. The other nice 2-steppers are: You Should Have Been There and Let Me Love You Where It Hurts.


Future Flight - Capitol 12145 (album/cd) 1981/2000 (jap)
Hip-Notic Lady/Dues - Capitol 5002 (7') 1981


  1. Howdy, I just came across your blog via your daily motion page. And since I do not know much about soul music (contrary to hip hop music) maybe you could help me out.

    I am looking for music like "Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You" (that I saw on your page) with a cool bassline and some nice orchestra playing. I checked wikipedia for the history of soul music already, but maybe you could give me the top 10 (or 20 or 30) of albums you think I just need to hear. To help me discover the best of (this kind of motown sound) soul music.

    If you'd like to help me out, you could drop your list on my blog:


    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I also like Etta James "At last", STEPHANIE MILLS "Never knew love like this" and The Marvelettes.

  2. Who is this singer of the "2 solution theme song"?

  3. It came out twice under different group names; The Joy-Tones and The Love Potion.

  4. @Anonymous: thanks!

    I was wondering, is it possible to upload Dee Dee Warwick - Where Is That Rainbow to your dailymotion page?

  5. Sorry no more 'Dee Dee' Video footage!


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