Debra Laws

Meant For You

Debra Laws - Very Special ( Electra Records ELK 52281) 1981

On My Own; Meant For You; Very Special; Be Yourself; Long As We're Together; Your Love; How Long; All The Things I Love.

Produced by Ronnie & Hubert Laws

I was going to spin How Long, as it was a Grey & Hanks number, but then I thought Meant For You was perhaps a far nicer track. You can hear G&H's other versions in my other Bloggs. It's a David Lasley and Roxanne Joy Seaman song. Debra is of course the sister of producer's Ronnie and Hubert Laws the jazz musicians who have made many good albums themselves. Aways There being the classic Ronnie hit track covered by everybody & their dog. Eloise laws her sister, sang with Aqaurian Dream on their hit Your're A Star.

Other nice steppers on board this album as usual marked in green; Be Yourself & As Long as We Are Together (this colouring-in is getting a bit tedious I hope it's of-use.) Debra hasn't got the greatest voice on earth, but she has a good go. Bobby Lyle is found on piano, Nathan East on bass and David Lasley on background vocals who has had an album on himself recently.

The other suprise on this album is the jazzy ballad Very Special a duet with Ronnie Laws, who also plays alto sax on it, this sells on 12" promo single for upto £130 ($260). A 10 second sample from this was used in a Jennifer Lopez/LL Cool J song All I Have and is an on-going law case between Debra Laws & Sony. The Very Special album is also now on CD.

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