Joann Garrett

Foolish Me.

Joanne Garrett - Just A Taste (US Chess LPS 1548, 1970.)
Unforgettable; Depend On Me; Walk On By; We Can Learn Together; Ain't No Way; Foolish Me; This Bitter Earth; A Thousand Miles Away (remake); Soul Town; It's No Secret.

Produced By Andre Williams.

On Joann Garrett's second visit to Chess Records via the Ter-Mer Studios in Chicago October, 1969.

Two singles were released from it and a remake of A Thousand Miles Away in October, 1969. She had spent 1968 and 69 on the Duo label also produced by Andre Williams.

Foolish me is a nice production not a million miles away from Barbara Acklin's Am I The Same Girl, which is a 2Step standard now. Other stand-out tracks are Depend On Me, written by Joe Simon and the remake of A Thousand Miles Away. Foolish Me wasn't released on a single and was written by Billy Butler and Andre Williams.

Born March 3rd, 1949 in Chicago's West side, learned to play piano by ear at grammar school. It was during her high school years ages sixteen that she commenced singing professionally. Her first singing was in Church and friends encouraged her to enter the Regal Theatre talent contest in which she came second & got a record deal with Chess.
She thought her early singles on Chess & Duo were disappointing according to the sleeve notes to this album, but I quite like A Whole New Plan (Chess 1959) that came out in 1966. Anyway in addition to her earlier Chess/Duo singles she released a 45 as Jo Ann & Andre (Williams) The Same Time, Same Thing, Same place/Rockin' Good way.

After Chess she had one 45's on Duke, Scorpio, and Twinight single that was withdrawn, just a few copies given to her husband at the time but now on a Twinight double 40 track cd.
Photos: Album Cover, Album label, Chess 45, Regal program & The Regal
  • A Whole New Plan/ Stay By My Side Chess 1959 (1966)
  • You Can't Come In (Big Bad Wolf)/ I'm So Afraid Chess 1992 (1967)
  • Thousand Miles Away(+Dells)/ Just Say When Chess 2031 (1967)
  • One Woman (Island)/I'm A Now Girl (Do It Now) DUO 7450 (1968)
  • Little Brown Letter/I've Got To Be Loved DUO 13799 (1969)
  • JoAnn & Andre Same Time../Rockin' Good Way Chess 2079 (1969)
  • It's No Secret/ Depend On Me Chess 2092 (1970)
  • Just A Taste (album) Chess LPS 1548 (1970)
  • We Can Make It Together/ Unforgetable Chess 2097 (1970)
  • Goin' Man Huntin'/ same Twinight TW 137 (withdrawn) (1970)
  • Sting Me Baby/ I'm Under Your Control Duke 475 (1972)
  • Rock feat: Jo Ann Garrett (Don't Abuse) You're Failfull Love/Charlie Boy (We've Got To Love One And Other) Scorpio 101 (197?)

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