Avery Stafford

My Friend 

Love Like I Do/My Friend/Bounce/Heartbeat In The Night/The One For me/If You Had To Love You//I'm Yours/ Everyday/Cool Winds/Come To You/You Blessed Me - ASM 64522 [2012]

The new album from LA born Avery Stafford is part Gospel part R&B.  He began singing Gospel in his youth & later became a Youth Minister at Port Orchard Church Of Christ. This new album contains tracks produced by the Gospel favorite Jon Gibson. As of 2012 Avery has released six albums, the latest is an independent release that is also to be promoted in the UK.

I must admit I haven't heard his earlier albums, but having reviewed this one I will now be looking for them! Today's featured track, 'My Friend' is a standard four beats to the bar dancer with the old style saxophone bridge (by Prince's Eddie M), sax breaks much loved by UK Northern Soul fans in the past. Others tracks use the odd rock guitar but with a light smuthering (this may affend some soulies I know.) But all-n-all the music production is to a high class. Other stand out tracks are 'Love You Like I Do' & 'You Blessed Me'.

The album will be released on April 8th and available from Amazon, iTunes etc.
UK booking  agent: Mark Hix (+44) 208 830 6268 

Avery Stafford Discography:
How Sweet it is/Get My Praise On/Listen To Our Hearts/Family  (ASM cd single)

So Good Inside (1987)
Lift Up Your Voice (1995)
Come Bless Da Lord (1996)
Bridges (1999)
Undignified (2004)
End Of Five - ASM (April 8, 2012)


  1. How could you not go looking for Avery's other recordings:). you will enjoy!

  2. I am so blessed to hear Avery live every Sunday!

    Betty S.


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