Charles Mingus Film

A film about the Jazz legend Charlie Mingus (who died in 1979) who was one of the early jazz artists to contribute to the black American freedom campaign led by Dr. Martin Luther King amongst others by releasing music with a black awareness themes.

Mingus's first signing
This documentary on the life of Charles Mingus is directed by his grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus entitled "Mingus on Mingus" (formerly known as "A True Jazz Legend"). They are at the beginning of the production phase and conducting interviews of people that knew and played with Charles Mingus.
Now very happy to announce the launch recently their fund-raising campaign through Kickstarter platform.

Thay have a big challenge ahead of them and they would like to count on your help. A successful campaign means we can move forward with the project and capture moments that we might otherwise loose. The making of the documentary will be a long road but having the resources to begin our journey is all we can hope for.

We know it will not be possible without your help. We would like your support in reaching out to the jazz community by featuring information about our project in your blog and linking or embedding our small trailer for our fundraising campaign. Our goal is to reach $45,000 in 40 days!! Please watch the video and help by donating some cash!! - Mickey

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