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Jesse James - I've Been There Before - Gunsmoke GUN006 [1990}

This is was a single that I heard played on the Southport Weekender Radio in 1990. Thanks to friend, Carl Ingram who came back from there with about 20 hours of radio that he recorded on his Hi-Fi VHS video recorder from his chalet.

I wrote to the label Gunsmoke Records in Red Oak GA, and they kindly sent copies for use as radio competition prizes on PCRL radio UK. Later Jessie made me a Station ID jingle and sent more Gunsmoke releases which I promptly played. My first James single was one I obtained in a 1971 Blues & Soul magazine 'Soul Pack' They supplied about ten USA singles for couple of UK shillings - great way to build up your collection.

Rare Shirley Single from 1965
It was a bit of a bargain and Jesse's 'Believe in Me Baby' was enclosed, pity it wasn't his Shirley label track 'cus that's now worth £800+, still must not complain as the track enclosed was quite nice. The Shirley single " Are You Gonna Leave Me/Someone To Love Me" is by far the rarest and most popular Northern track in the style of early Impressions sound (I'm The One Who Loves You.) Incidentally his first Shirley single 'I Will go,' had Sly Stone on guitar making his first recording session!

JJ's 1986 UK visit
Looking back (1990) was the album that contained the 1975, If You Want A Love Affair that we played on my Basement Soul show. It took off and is now a £60 20th Century 45 track.
In March 2011 Jesse James came over to the UK and did a soul weekender at Prestatyn. Four previously unreleased sides came out on the Soul Junction label just before his tour (see discog section.) This was his first return I think since 1986 when he did the famous Voices from The Shadows magazine interview with Rod Dearlove.

1968 Self titled Album
Jesse James, affectionately known as J.J. to friends and close associates, has a unique soulful sound. Born in Louisiana, Jesse’s singing ability was recognizable at an early age when he began singing, clapping, and praising God along side his Mother in church.
While still a toddler, his family relocated to California. After literally singing his way through school he accepted his first professional singing engagement at The Makesmo, a popular Richmond Night Club. That is where Jesse’s singing style and flavor earned him constant bookings and respect as a professional recording artist, composer and entertainer.

Working with the late great Hosea Wilson, who was the National Promotion Director for 20th Century Records, Jesse enjoyed success with his first major release “Believe In Me Baby”. Jesse quickly became a hot ticket and made believers out of a lot of critics. The hit “I Can Do Bad by Myself” launched a new chapter in Jesse’s career.

Jesse James
In 1988, Jesse signed with Barbara Thomas; President of ATL based Gunsmoke Records and release four CDs. The first CD “I Can Do Bad By Myself,” sold over one million copies that included great hits such as ZZ Hill’s “Cheatin’ In the Next Room” as well as “I Can Do Bad By Myself Remix”. The versatility of his CD included a collection of past recordings which was a huge seller overseas. Jesse’s third album at Gunsmoke Records dealt with socio-economic issues with songs like “What Happened to the Dream,” “Something to Believe In” and “We’re Gonna Make It”.

The forth CD entitled “It Just Don’t Feel the Same” really showcases Jesse’s versatility with soulful gospel and R&B sounds. It’s no surprise that Jesse would pay tribute to his roots I the gospel song “The First Day of My Life”. For Blues lovers he features Millie Jackson on the remix of, “It Just Don’t Feel The Same” and “I’m Not Gonna Go Down”.

Jesse James is back blazing the trails with his latest CD release, “It Ain’t So Bad After All”. This CD is by far the best yet. Jesse continues to reinvent himself with his continuous drive and determination, proving that he does have staying power.

Bio from Jesse's own site: http://www.gunsmokejessejames.com/

Jessie James Discography:

(+ Royal Aces) I Will Go/Cha Cha Minnie - Shirley 103 1960
Baby Please Come Home/I Got A Little Girl - Shirley 106 
A Love Like The Wind/Baby Please Come Home - Shirley 109
A Sad Sad Situation/My Future - Shirley 110
I Wanna Full Time Love/I Gotta Little Girl - Shirley 112 1965
Are You Gonna Leave Me/Someone To Love Me - Shirley 119 1965
(+ Dynamic Four) I Call On You/Bring My Back Back - Hit 6119 1966
(+ Dynamic Four) Believe In Me Baby/Part 2 - Hit 6120 1966
Time After Time/Bring My Baby Back - Hit 6122 1966

Believe In Me Baby/Part 2 - 20th Century 45 6684 1967
Thank You Darling/Bring My Baby Back - 20th Cent 45 6700 1968
Green Power/If You're Lonely - 20th Century 45 6704 1968
Ain't Much Of A Home/Don't Fight It - Uni 55171 1969
Don't Nobody Want To Get Married/Pt 2 - Roulette 195066 (France) 1970
Don't Nobody Want To Get Married/Pt 2 - Zea 50 000 1971 * also UK Mojo 2092 016
At Last/I Know I'll Never Find Another - Zea 30 002 1971
I Need You Baby/Home At Last - Zea 50 003 1970

I Know I'll Never Find Another Like You/At Last - Zay 30 002 1971
I Need Your Love So Bad/I Know I'll Never Find Another - Zay 30 003 1971
No Matter Where You Go/You Ought To Be Here With Me - 20th Century TC2118 1974
If You Wan't A Love Affair/I Never Meant To Love Her - 20th Century TC2201 1975
The Same Thing Happens/Part 2 - Happy Fox HF 514 1977

I Got The Feeling/Let me Show You - Moonlite Hope 5701 1983
At last/I Can Feel Your Love Vibes - Midtown 008 1984
She's A Winner/Part 2 - Midtown 009 1984
I Can Do Bad By My Self /Dub/Inst - TTED TDE 3026 [12") 1987
I Can Do Bad By My Self/Inst - TTED TDE 7 3031 1987

I'm Gonna Be Rich And Famous/Don't Get Amnesia On me Baby - TTED 7 3031 1988
I'm Gonna Be Rich And Famous/Love The One Your With TTED TDE 3031 [12"] 1988
Love On The Side/Another Man's Woman - Gunsmoke 001 1989
I Can Do Bad By Myself(remix)/Inst -
Gunsmoke 002 1989
It Ain't raining On Nobody's House But Mine/Ins Gunsmoke 005 1990

I've been There Before/Inst - Gunsmoke GUN 006 1990
I Feel Your Love Changing/It's Time For A Change - Soul Junction SJ 508 2011
I Gave You Love With An A Plus/Are You Gonna Leave - Soul Junction SJ 511 2011

Jesse James - 20th Century Fox S 3197 1968
Same Thing Happens - (VA Soundrack) Black Fist - Happy Fox 1977
It Takes One To Know One - T.T.E.D 3026 1988
I Can Do Bad By Myself - Gunsmoke SMO 001 1990
Looking Back - Gunsmoke SMO 002 1990
Operator Please Put Me Through - Gunsmoke SMO 003 2005
I Just Don't Feel the Same - Gunsmoke SMO 2548 200?
It's Not So Bad After All - Gunsmoke SMO 627 2006
Versatility - Gunsmoke GMO 1218 2007
Get In Touch With Me - Gunsmoke 792058.2 2009
Do Not Disturb - Gunsmoke 2012
Let Me Show You - Soul Junction SJCD 85005 2012

Discography  kindly checked and added to by Dave Allen.
(There are quite a few other artistes with the same name, hopefully non have been included here. If you know to any missing songs please let me know.

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