Janice Edwards - Time For Me

Janice Edwards - Time For Me

Janice Edwards - Same - Respond International RES 70827 (1991)

Time For Me, Miss You, First Time First Love, Time For Love, Givers Gain Takers Lose, Once You've Held A Lover, Still In Love, Ever Give Us Away, Love Is A Risk, Hard Times
As far as I know this album was released on vinyl only with no cover in California in 1991. The label is green with silver print, that you have to hold at an angle to read, so it doesn't scan very well. I wrote to the company in 1992 but sadly got no response. Some Independence companies will give you great support as a DJ if you write to them, sending you free copies their product for competition prizes etc.

This album though was always a favorite of mine. Getting lots of plays on my radio show for nearly 10 years! The strongest track is the ballad Eyes Give Us Away. It's a mainly ballad album with the other nice song being Time For Love, I'm not sure why it wasn't a success, perhaps promotion who knows. The only single released from the album was Still In Love with Once You Hold A Lover on the flip side. Time For Love is a nice Stepper with an unusual intro/bridge that's quite catchy listen and see what you think.

So it appears that this was he debut LP and it looks like perhaps just a few hundred were pressed up to feel for market reaction. One of the tracks came out on a UK label About Time on a compilation album Soul'd Together Vol. 2. I remember talking to the owner and recommending it to him at the time along with a few other indie 12's from 1991

Janice has a lovely rawness to her voice sounding a little like Macy Gray. I found a her 'Live At Bourbon Street' quite hard to find, I think this was her last release in 2001. She was a late a member of George Clinton's Parlet funk group in 1979 on Invasion Of The Bootysnatchers under the name Janice Evans, the nice track on that lp is 'Don't Ever Stop.' Evans sings the second verse - Listen..

She performs live at the gay & lesbian bar Bourbon Street in San Diago on Thursdays! I can only find one copy of the debut album for sale today and that is about £75. Her recent unsigned recordings are on her MySpace site: www.myspace.com/janicemarieedwards

Janice Edwards Discography:
As a Group Member:
Parlet - Invasion Of The Bootysnatchers - Casablanca - (1979)

Still In Love/Once You Find A Lover - Respond Int 827 (1991)
Janice Edwards - Janice Edwards (LP) Respond Int 70827 (1991)
Soul'd Together (Vol. 2) UK Various Artists LP (2002)
Janice Edwards Live at Bourbon Street (CD) (2001)

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