James Brown

James Brown - Hot - Polydor Super 2391 214 (1975)

Hot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved); So Long, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons; The Future Shock Of The World; Woman; Most Of All; Goodnight My Love; Please, Please, Please
Produced by James Brown

James Brown - So Long ('75 remake)
This is just a great unknown Northern mid-pacer, and with the passing of the 'Godfather of Soul' it is quite sad to hear him say the words 'So Long'.

The original "So Long" started its life being cut at local radio station and being put out at on NRC in Greenville. Recorded on 17th December 1962 and again released on King in 1964 and on a UK Ember EP in early 1965. It did not enter the R&B charts or Pop charts and I'm not surprised because it was poor.

In 1975 James decided to put out the 'Hot' LP with mainly remakes of old songs. This had worked earlier with 'Bewildered' that he had cut again in 1969 to great effect. Sadly though it went 'tits-up' this time again. The album contained new versions of Please, Please, Please and Try Me, both of which he chats before the intro to explain why he's doing this!

Calling himself the Minister of New New Super Heavy Funk the album hardly contains funk that you would have previously credited him for. All very strange!

The song was written by Morgan, Harris & Melsher. Terry Melsher was the son of Doris Day and had wrote songs for the Beach Boys and The Byrds. The new version is arranged by Dave Matthews and produced by James Brown. Anyway thanks to my good friends Steve Williams and Heinrich Buttler in Germany the song will now live again - enjoy

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