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Bingo - We Can't Get Enough/Mumblin' Man - Polydor UK 2066 365 (1973)
A great Philly dancer/Modern Soul song from Bingo released in the USA on Silver Blue Records. The production is Joel Diamond and Bobby Martin (shown below). Bobby Martin probably means it was recorded in Philadelphia, although I can't find any details about the group themselves you can clearly hear the great philly production sound. The review song was written by Joel Diamond and L. Martineli.

Demo copies of this record are less desirable due to the 'b' side 'Mumblin' Man' being a great funky-2-stepper. (demo's have same record on both sides.) It looks like this was their only release under this group name.

Thanks to Bill Blackshear (the groups friend & Timeless Tracks record shop owner in Roselle), I can tell you that the five member group were from New Jersey area, four from Roselle and one from Linden, the lead singer was the late Danny Thomas, his brother 'Beare' Thomas and Reggie Sumner (b.1950) who's a barber now in Linden and whose brother is Bobby Sumner of the Deff Comedy creation & management.
Bill is trying to find us a photo of the band, he is also vice president of The Rhythm & Blues Music Society, check it out.

Silver Blue records was set-up by Polygram Int., in 1973 with Joel Diamond owning the publishing companies used; Silver Blue and Oceans Blue Music, he had previously worked for CBS in the late 60's.

Joel's first act at the helm was to purchase 29 Van McCoy copyrights, with 'The Hustle' being amongst them. Over the years the label changed pressing Companies from Poygram though TK and ending up with Columbia. I've included a discography as some of these records are quite collectible, now Philly productions are still in vogue.

Gloria gaynor - i am what i am (live)
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Although the label had some success, Bingo, Terry Collins and the Invitations sadly fell the wayside. Silver Blue copies of Bingo are quite rare and Polydor ones are even more scarce. I have live video footage of Gloria Gaynor's single, will add soon along with Terry Collins info. I haven't seen any copies of release number 810 (The Creations), the story is after the single was promoted, they found out that there was another group with that name, so they re-issued it as Richmond Extension with 811 as the number. Most of the labels tracks are in 7' format only although 1980's and later were on 12'.

Terry Collins - Hold Hands With One And Other - Silver Blue 1975
Terry Collins has a great powerful gospel type vocal with the call to 'Hold hands and live with one and other in peace', of course it's never going to happen but nice gesture though! Sadly I sold my single to PCRL DJ Gypsy (Anna) who liked the 'b' side (Oh So Lonely) as it had later been covered in reggae style. These guys are still producing, check them out:



silver blue records discography
polydor pressed:
801cb - invitations - they say the world is crazy/for your precious love
801 - invitations - they say the world is crazy/real gone lover
802 - sharon ridley/van mccoy - i'm in your corner/
803 - bingo - I cant get enough/mumblin man (1973)
804 - invitations - let's love/love it's to grow
805 - sharon ridley - I can't get by/to make a long story short
806 - don goodwin - this is your song/help it along (1973)
807 - eddie holman - your my lady(right or wrong)/pt.2 (1973)
808 - don goodwin - time to cry/
809 - invitations - I didn't know/living together is keeping us apart (1974)
810 - creations* - girls are made to love/every thing's coming up love (*demo's only)
811 - richmond extension - girls are made to love/every thing's coming up love (1974)
812 - jay & the techiques - this world of mine/I feel love coming on
813 - jerry samuels - can you dig it/this planet earth
814 - n/r
815 - eddie holman - just say I love her/darling take me back
816 - n/r
817 - fairplay - guilty/love (1974)
818 - invitations - look on the good side/same
819 - lana cantrell - like a sunday morning/
820 - gloria gaynor - I am what I am (12")
821 - don goodwin - diana/i'll never be away from yo
822 - don goodwin - baby baby do i/same (1975)

tk pressed:
7301 - terry collins - hold hands with each other/oh so lonely (1975)
7302 - eli's second coming - love chant/part 2 (1976)
7303 - eli's second coming - hopscotch/foxfire (1977)
7304 - eli's second coming - heavenly/why don't cha (1977)

columbia pressed:
04295 - gloria gaynor - i am what i am/ (1984)
04422 - gloria gaynor - strive (1984)
04471 - lorna - where the boys are/prove me wrong

04699 - david hasselhoff - do you love me
05018 - gloria gaynor - bullseye/chain of whispers (1984)
05114 - barone - shake it up (1984)
05145 - robey - bored & beautiful/one night in bancock (1984)
05048 - lorna - jesse's theme (1984)

05919 - robey - killer instinct/bored & beautiful
905321 - robey - moth to a flame (various mix's) (1985)
223198 - lea - dressed for love (3 versions)
sb220 - Robey - hungry for you baby/be my be my baby (12") also 17045 (1985)
sil12 - Howard Hewett - this moment in time (also silvcd5 (cdsingle)) (2005)
statik - shake it down
hal1235 - tamara walker - i'm gonna make you love me


  1. Hi Mickey! At least one of the Eddie Holman releases was also issued on UK Polydor, as was the Invitations "Let's Love" I believe. The Sharon Ridley/Van McCoy duet was issued on UK President c/w "To Make A Long Story Short".

    Also, I have The Invitations' "I Didn't Know"/"Living Together Is Keeping Us Apart" on a Brazillian Polydor 33rpm single!, which makes me wonder what other Silver Blue sides were released there?

  2. Bingo actually had 8 personnel. Danny Thomas, Reggie Sumner, Tommy Johnson, and Cleon Hardy were the vocalists. The three musicians, also part of Bingo, were cousins: Gary Sumner (guitar), Sam Jordan (bass guitar), and Larry Lewis. Although they were only a three piece band, they were known as "the baddest little band in the land", a title given to them by Bill Franklin at radio station WNJR in New Jersey. They held their own at shows with much bigger bands. In fact, their sound was so big, most who heard them couldn't believe three pieces could sound like that. They shared the bill with such acts as Kool & The Gang, Spinners, and Bobby Womack just to name a few.

  3. My bad! Bingo had 7. Counting never came easy to me!


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