Pat Lundy

Let's Get Down To Business

Pat Lundy - The Lady Has Arrived! - Pyramid PY-9001 (1976)

Baby Don't You Let Me Down; Day By Day/My Sweet Lord; Happy Talk; Strong Lovin' Man; Who Are You Now; Let's Get Down To Business; Ain't No Pity In The Naked City

Produced By: Dennis Ganim & Buddy Scott

Pat Lundy is known mainly for being on the 'b' side of DC La Rue's Cathedrals that was a Blackpool Mecca classic in 1976. It was a was a new release on the Pyramid label then. Sadly the lady has had no hits of her own and for somone that has put out four albums very little is known.

Pat Lundy was a New York-based singer and actress, and was apparently a girlfriend of New York producer Buddy Scott. She was originally in a group called the Symbols which she left in 1962. Having put out albums and singles on Deluxe, Columbia, RCA, Toto, Leopard and Heidi labels over a 20 year period, and some are quite worth sorting out. This album alone stands high out there. It contains a version of the Jackie Wilson's classic Ain't No Pity in The Naked City and my 'played out' (at least one venue!) Northern soul tune: Happy Walk. Today's spin though is a jolly little stepper Let's Get Down To Business or if it came out today: Let's have sex Now! A binding force behind many of her songs was writer Jimmy Radcliff & productions of Buddy Scott.

Bob Babbitt (much used by James Brown) bass player is found on this album and is arranged by Phil Medley with Patti Austin on backing vocals and recorded at Groove Sound Studio's in New York. The most sort after track at the moment is the 12" of 'Work Song' (shown above) that commands a £50 price tag.

Letter 16/1/09 - Thank you so much for writing the article on Pat Lundy. I met Pat through our then Manager Dwight Thomas in the 1980’s after a performance she was in with Chuck Patterson. Pat became a dear friend of ours. Pat was living with Buddy Scott and when she decided to end the relationship with Buddy, her manager, her career suddenly ended too.

Pat Married Chuck Patterson an actor and Equity advocate for minorities and women. She continued performing and became an SGI member dedicating her life towards peace in the world. Pat died in 1994 just before her 52nd. birthday from brain cancer. Pat resided in New York City.

Rita Montauredes -(author of 'Coping with Glaucoma')

Pat Lundy Discography: (*albums)
108 - Come To Me/Make it For The Door
111 - We Got A Thing Going On/I Really Love You (with Bobby Harris) 1965
45-114 - Another Kind Of Feeling/One Woman
45-118 - Prove it/Only Mama That Will Work The Line
45-130 - I Apologise/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
45-126 - I'm Your Special Fool/Another Loving Kind Of Feeling (1967)
43989 - Wildfire/City Of Stone
44624 - The Complete Man/Mr. Rain maker (1968)
44145 - Any Day Now/Nothing But Tears (1968)
44312 - Soul Ain't Nothing But The Blues/Another Rainy Day (1967)
44506 - What Now My Love/Does She Ever Remind Me Of You (1968)
44773 - The Thrill is Gone/City Of Stone
*9588 - LP - 'Soul Ain't Nothing But The Blues' (1967)
740951 - Thank Heaven For You/He's The Father Of My Children (1973)
1036 - Closer/Friend Of Mine
*APL1-0215 - LP - 'Only Spoken Here'
102 - I'll Keep Pressing/Play It Again
1723 - Party Music/? (1975)
PyramidPD 1001 - Cathedrals (DC La Rue)/Day By day (Pat Lundy)
P 8001 - Ain't No Pity In Naked City/Let's Get Down To Business
P 8005 - One To One/Baby Don't You Let Me Down
P 8010 - Work Song/?
*PY 8001 - LP - 'The Lady Has Arrived' (1976)
*PY 8???? - LP - 'Loving You Is The Funkiest Feeling' (1977)
Leopard5009 - It's Raining Outside/Hal's Belles


  1. Modifications and additions:

    Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris: I Really Love You b/w We Got A Good Thing Goin' On (Heidi Records 111, 7" 1965)

    What Now My Love b/w Does She Ever Remind Me Of You (Columbia Records 44506, 7" 1968)

  2. Thanks for update details!

  3. Pat Lundy's voice is haunting, retro and original to what disco was per that time, this coupled with the lyrics make for a timeless party classic...RIP Ms Lundy--Kee Humphrey, Chicago.

  4. Pat Lundy is my great aunt. Is there any way to purchase these records from you?

    Izetta Thomas

  5. The only one for sale is the album 'The Lady Has arrived!', please email me at private email found in right hand column.


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