Robert 'Goodie' Whitfield

You And I

Goody - Call Me Goodie (Total Experience TE-1-3002) 1982

Do Something; You And I; Does Anybody Know Where The Party Is; Puddin' Pie; L.A.; Goodie; Come Into My Life; Country Rap; Goody Goody

Produced: Lonnie Simmons Co: Jonah Ellis

How you come up with a groove like You And I, I don't know, but it's such a cool and haunting melody, right from the intoduction groove that's done with Glenn Nightingale's guitar with piano and echo effect. Written by Jonah Ellis who also wrote for the Dells Yarbrough & Peoples, Pennye Forde and Billy Paul. I sold my 12" demo copy of You And I to Chris Anderton some years back. Hope he's putting it to good use!

Congratulations on your recent marriage by the way. Chris travels the world in search of vinyl and quite often appeared in B&Q TV adds in the UK, my favorite is when he was holding a up a lawn mower (full page spread in the daily's) once.

Chris also was a member a Consortium of DJ's playing rare soul here on PCRL for 5 years (see cd right column) The other nice 2Step track found on this album is Come Into My Life. I'm not too sure what the link is with Goodie and Ice lolly's as yet. Also helping out on background vocals on this album is Charlie Wilson (Gap Band) and Maxine & Julia Waters and Cavin Yarbrough & Alisa Peoples. I can't find out much more about Robert Whitfield anybody out there know more than he was born in Dallas, Texas?

Goodie Discography:
Total Experience Records:
  • Backing vocals: Yarbrough & Peoples (1980)
  • Vocals/Keyboards: Gap Band III (1980)
  • Call Me Goodie (album) TE 13002
  • Come Into My Life/Do Something 8202 (1982)
  • Do something special/(short) MK 205 256922 (1982)
  • You and I/Country rapp 7' 8206
  • You and I/(short) 12" (1982)
  • I wanna Be your Man (album) TEL 8-5706 (1985)
  • Because Of You/(short) TED 1-2607 (1985)
  • Special Lady/Inst TED-1-2620 (1985)


  1. I used to play with Goodie occasionally when I lived in Dallas. Then I moved away and I heard he may have gotten into some legal trouble of some sort. He knows more about how to construct funk grooves than anyone I've ever met. He could also play saxophone and a little drums.

  2. Goodie is my uncle! Love him to death!!


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