Gap Band - I Found My Baby

I Found My Baby

Gap band VI (6) Total Experience Records FL 89476 (1984 UK)

The Sun Don't Shine Everyday (inst); Video Junkie; Weak Spot; I Believe; I Found My Baby; Beep A Freak; Don't You Leave Me; Disrespect; The Sun Don't Shine Everyday

Produced By: Lonnie Simmons. Co. Oliver Scott/Charlie Wilson

The one thing Gap Band VI (six) does more than previous albums did is introduce you buying public to the band; Charlie Wilson: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion. Ronnie Wilson: Keyboards, Percussion. Robert Wilson: Bass, Lead Guitar, Percussion. Numbering the albums was OK at first, but then not bothering with the covers, like this one, is a bit sad, they did stop soon after.

Still, on with today's song another written by Raymond Calhoun I Found My Baby, who also shares backing vocals with Pennye Ford on this track, Goodie Whitfield is on Keyboards. I'll be honest this is the only track I play from this album, but it's worth including. It does tend to sound a bit like The Fatback Bands' I Found Lovin' released in 1983.

Gap Band Tracks that share 'the groove':
  • No Hiding Place (Gap Band II (2)) 1980
  • Yearning For Your Love (Gap Band III (3) 1981
  • I Can't Get Over You (Gap Band IV (4)) 1982
  • Outstanding (IV) 4 1982
  • You're Something Special (Jammin' V (5)) 1983
  • I Found My Baby (VI) 6 1984
  • I Want A Real Love (Gap Band VII (7)) 1985
  • I'm So Satisfied (Straight From The Heart IX) (9) 1988

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