Grey And Hanks

How Can I Live Without Love

Grey & Hanks - You Fooled Me RCA AFL1-3069 (1978)

You Fooled me; Never let You Down; How Can I Live Without Love; I Can Tell Where Your Head Is; Gotta Put Something In; Dancin'; Way Out To Get In; Closer To Something Real.

Produced by: (Len) Ron Hanks And Zane Grey.

The singing team was also the writing team, cuts costs, helps as well if you play all instruments, some do, record companies love them, Omar & Stevie Wonder, people like that. Ron & Zane though are some of the 70's 2Step best writers.

Today's track is 'a one-miss wonder' or should I say three-miss wonder, How Can I Live Without Love, it was well played over our way anyway! Grey & Hanks had also recorded this song along with the Rising Cost Of Love on Jean Terrell in 1978, a trick they would do later with many singers. Oh and Dave Allen tells me Les McCan recorded How Can I Live Without Love as well - thanks Dave!
As a group it looks like they were around just for two years recording only two albums for RCA. But as a songwriting team they were more successfull starting we think about 1971, later hits like Back To Love for L.T.D., Rising Cost Of Love first by Jean Terrell (1978,) then Darrow Fletcher (1979) and then Millie Jackson (1979) and finally Loose Change (1979). How Long first by Thema Jones (1978), and later by Debra Laws (1981), Never Had A Love Like This Before by Tavares and Norman Connors' Party Town.
The list goes on ... Mystique Feat: Ralph Johnson If Your In Need, later by Lenny Williams, Breakwater's No Limit. Modern soulies love Grey & Hanks for Darrow Fletchers Changing By The Minute (1971 on Uni Records.)
Discography: (* 2 albums/5 singles)

You Fooled Me (album) RCA AFL1-3069 (1978)
*You Fooled Me/(Same) RCA (12") PD 11347 (1978)
Dancin'/How Can I Live Without Love RCA PB 11460 (1978)
Dancin'/How Can I Live Without Love (12") RCA PD 11458 (1978)
Gotta Put Something In/I Can Tell Where Your Head Is (12") RCA PD 11582 (1978)
*Prime Time (album) RCA AFL1-3477 (1980)
Now I'm Fine/Love's In Command RCA 12" PD 11923 (1980)
Prime Time/Since I Found You (12") RCA PD 12016 (1980)

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