The Reflections

She's My Summer Breeze

Another JR Bailey and Ken Williams song and album production with the album Love On Delivery (LOD). She's My Summer Breeze by the Reflections. Not to be confused with Golden World Reflections as they were a White group from Detroit. I've removed the first 60 seconds as the introduction is a bit long. The Reflections were; Hermon Edwards; Josh Pridgen; Edmund 'Butch' Simmons & John Simmons.
The band had been working with Melba Moore for 3 1/2 years from 1971 on her stage productions presumably. Melba introduces the group to Capitol for there debut and only album as far as I know in 1975. Other highlights from the album are Three Steps From True Love and the ballad One Into One. Gift Wrap My Love in 1976 looks like the last single from the group. You know more?

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