Body Fusion

Body fusion has been a big underground track for 15 years or more, Starvue were Keith Blake, Judy Davis, Andre Morgan, Anthony Hicks, Burton Fowler, Lester Falconer III, Victor Hughes and Larry Horner a total of eight members! Released in 1980 on MIR Chicago Sound.

This I think was a private pressing and subsequently only few copies of the album are about fetching £50-£100, although the 7' of Body Fusion was quite common, the 12" is shit-rare and sometimes sells for more than the album. The Modern track on this set is Put The bs aside although not seeing as much action as Body fusion.

The album was produced by Clarence Johnson who has operated a number of production companies and labels in Chicago; Lovelite, G.E.C. Records and Starvue, although he was not always the sole owner. In the mid-70's he operated out of the old Chess building. He was part of Chaunteurs from 1958-64 a group that evolved through The Presidents and The Hi-Lites into The Chi-lites.

He biggest success came from the Lovelites whose lead singer was Patti Hamilton, he say's of all the bands he worked with they were the best to work with. Though early work with The Classic Sullivans Shame Shame Shame on Master Key showed his early potential as a producer. At the end of the 70's he also released on MIR Coffee's I Wanna Be With You aimed at the Disco era although Coffee then went on with better success at Delite Records taking Johnson's recordings with them for audition demo's. Johnson also did work for Heaven and Earth and Brighter Side Of Darkness.


  1. My name is Anthony Hicks of vocal group Starvue out of Chicago Ill. south side i sang lead vocals on the track Body Fusion. I now live in southeran Califormia. I now sing with the Chi-lites going on 25 yrs. E-mail-adderss ( Hickstonyhicks@aol.com ) Cell-714-815-7073 fan mail-to 2554 olive dr. #39 Palmdale ca. 93550 Anthony Starvue-Chi-Lite Hicks

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Is there any unreleased Starvue material? Had you recorded any thing before being in this group. Do you have any Starvue photo's or any
    memorabilia you can send me for the blog - thanks. email at top of the page


    PS - I'm glad you found a home with the Chi-lites.

  3. Hey Tony..Long time no hear from...this is Vic, the HELLUVA bass player from the group..I'd like to give you call sometime just to catch up on things...You can reach me via email at: vjhughes57@live.com.
    Stay Up, Deuces,


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